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Sunday Song #20: Nights In White Satin By the Moody Blues
Nights in white satin, Never reaching the end, Letters I've written, Never meaning to send. Beauty I'd always missed With these eyes before, Just what the truth is I can't say anymore. 'Cause I love you, Yes, I love you, Oh, how, I love you. Gazing at peopl...

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The Woman in the Blue Spacesuit Part 13
Meredith tried to put aside what the man at the bar
had said. She had many things to accomplish that morning anyways that she must
focus on. She had tea in Lady Geneva’s garden where they would have an exhibit
of alien plant species, and she must run into t...

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Woman in the Blue Spacesuit Part 12
“Here’s the list, Anagan.” The man with the blood-red hair woke up. When he
opened his eyes all he saw was the cold grey surface that he had made as his
bed the night before. He sat up and looked at his Estute; the small monitor
burst into life, with white ...

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Woman in the Blue Spacesuit Part 11
“Okay, so I have a few questions for you.”             “Fair
enough. I probably have answers, and I owe you a favor.”             “What
were you accused of stealing?”             Jun
looked sideways at Martha. She had spent the afternoon trying to think up ...

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Woman in the Blue Spacesuit Part 10
After Martha left for work Jun worked on her Estute.
She could not leave the house until it was repaired, and the sooner she was out
of Martha’s hair and heading towards her destination the better. She ran her
fingers gently across the panel and it buzzed w...

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Woman in the Blue Spacesuit Part 9
Jun had spent of the morning wide eye-eyed, staring
at the ceiling and thinking. Her stomach felt queasy from the four-year journey
across space. She could hear Martha moving quietly in the other room and the
T.V. humming, and faintly heard the neighbors do...

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Woman in the Blue Spacesuit, Part 8
was Martha supposed to do knowing that there was an alien in her house? Was she
supposed to go to sleep in her great ancient bed, where she had a sky light and
could see the starlight even with her eyes closed? Was she supposed to pace

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Woman in the Blue Spacesuit, Part 7
Luke sat on the curb with his head between his
knees, half between sleep and alertness. He leaned his head against the hub of
his car and tried to sooth the throbbing in his brain. In his mind he followed
a woman in a spacesuit through his college dorm, and...

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Sunday Song #19: Is ar Eirinn ni neosfainn ce hi by Dervish
There's a home by the wide Avonmore That would sweep o'er the broad open sea, And wide rivers where the waves wash ashore While the bulrushes they wave to the breeze; Where the green ivy clings round the door And the birds sweetly sing in each tree. Oh me d...

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Sometimes I look at the present and I see the future. I see a child and I see him as he will be--an old man with those same bright eyes and undying spirit. I see a young insecure teenager and I see her in five years from now, in a dark place from which few ...
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