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Fancy bear about town!!
Fancy bear about town!!

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BANG! That's the sound of minds being blown! Why? Because new Bearcast awesomness abounds, muddy funsters!
A new Bearcast for a new Sunday? Does that work? Doesn't matter, get your old ears to have some of this. It's flippin' great!

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For those poor misguided souls interested in my tosspot brother's fumbled attempts at 'Busting a Rhyme'. On your own heads be it...

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If you do us a nice review on iTunes I will personally make sure that Wellington gets egged on the Season Finale! This I swear by Paddington's Beard!!!

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All hail the Digital Badger!! get Bearcast 3:3 down your mindholes now-style!
All is explained... Here:
Bearcast 3, your gateway to... I dunno... Quantum Funk? Anyway, it's a podcast thing.

Me and +Jeb Bearstone were on fine form last night, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Because it's me that's typing it. Ooooh and we've got a new slot! New slots are cool. Like fezzes and drinking booze... Bearcast Series 3 Ep 3 in your mindboxes on Monday!

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Basically, +Jeb Bearstone and I deserve a gong, I reckon. If only for putting up with my brother Wellington. A vote for us in these 'ere awards will mean...erm... loads. Alternatively, send us cash...
Vote for The Bearcast in the European Podcast Awards.
Because you're brilliant you are! Brilliant!
And we ain't too bad either :)

Need more cider for brain powers... I have a business decision to make, and for that I need to be slaughtered...

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Boom, shake, shake shake the room! Or summat. Fresh Bearcast for your mind and ears and heart-cockles!

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You must Glue this to something, I think... I have no idea what the Jiggy Dickens this is, but it's a new way to show your appreciation for mine and Jeb's hard work!

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What's coming up in next week's Bearcast? Wouldn't you like to know! I can exclusively reveal, however, that

i) Lizards are mentioned. As is James Bond.
ii) +Jeb Bearstone schools the advertising industry.
iii) We'll finally get to tell that Sean Bean story in full, with zero fraternal interference!

Catch up with episode one if you ain't not done it already!
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