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UK Manufacturer - LED Downlight / LED Panel / Highbay Light / Waterproof Batten Light / Outdoor Spot Light / Street Light / Solar Light
UK Manufacturer - LED Downlight / LED Panel / Highbay Light / Waterproof Batten Light / Outdoor Spot Light / Street Light / Solar Light

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Light up Office & Commercial areas with Energy Saving LED Panels

A well-lit office area or a commercial space can enhance productivity of the workers. Dimly lit work spaces are detrimental to the health and mental well-being of the office staff. In today’s scenario, the right thing, if not the only thing to do, is to install LED light fixtures for an overall betterment in performance. In fact, studies have shown that human centric lighting is the way forward as it incorporates elements akin to sunlight, our natural source of light. LED luminaire is a high quality lighting option and primarily the reason why lighting manufacturers and lighting suppliers have a plethora of commercial LED lighting options in their repertoire.

One of the defining reasons for installing LED light fixtures in work areas such as offices and commercial spaces is the high quality of illumination it offers. Commercial LED lighting score over traditional lighting systems in providing uniform lighting. There is no constraint of uneven lighting and fluctuations. Hence lighting manufacturers and lighting suppliers recommend, and better still, provide LED luminaire as a safe, modern and hassle free lighting solution.

Brightly lit offices and commercial areas look welcoming in nature and do a good job of highlighting products and services that are on offer. For business enhancement, lighting manufacturers and lighting suppliers can be consulted for the required light fixtures.

Commercial LED lighting has many pluses, cost effectiveness being one of them. LED light fixtures light up instantly, thus doing away with irritants like flickering and fluctuations. Modern LED luminaire is a marvel of modern technology. Slim, stylish and lightweight, LED light fixtures like LED panels come in various options such as flat panelled or surface mounted fixtures.

Commercial LED lighting can highlight the necessary areas in office areas and commercial spaces without any loss of latent light as is common with traditional lights. LED luminaire can be easily found with lighting manufacturers and lighting suppliers who provide the required support for installation and after service. This brings us to the clincher in favour of commercial LED lighting. After service requirement for LED panels is virtually negligible because of their high quality and long lasting performance. Bright office spaces enhance the mood of workers and automatically boost their performance in respective fields. LED light fixtures are game changers in lighting up commercial and office spaces because of their phenomenal energy efficiency. Electricity bills reduce drastically when LED light fixtures are installed. Isn’t this showing responsible behaviour towards our environment?! Eco friendly energy conservation and minimal maintenance costs make LED light fixtures the most effective lighting solutions.

Lighting manufacturers and lighting suppliers like Norse ensure that all your lighting needs are fulfilled with a wide range of LED luminaire to choose from. Light up the LED way!

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LED High bay lights- Brightening Industrial Warehouses

Warehouses, both commercial and industrial, are hot houses of business activities and lighting warehouse environs the right way can enhance business possibilities. Among lighting solutions, LED warehouse lighting is definitely the way forward and LED high bay lights positively take the cake. Industrial LED lighting has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Market leaders are constantly endeavouring to bring innovative solutions in lighting warehouse and commercial spaces. Industrial LED lighting is one such path breaking innovation. Emerging technologies have skilfully combined effective lighting with sustainable goals and LED warehouse lighting is one such outcome.

Warehouses being the hub of activities are often spacious and high ceilinged spaces. As such, they need uniform illumination so that even crevices and corners are well lit up. Here, LED warehouse lighting definitely scores over traditional lighting systems. When lighting warehouse areas, a huge area of concern is the energy cost. To illumine huge spaces, significant cost needs to be incurred. Well, not quite so when industrial LED lighting is considered. Brightening up vast areas of vertical as well as horizontal spaces is factored in. LED warehouse lighting provides cost effective and commercially viable solutions especially by way of LED high bay lights.

There are multiple benefits of LED high bay lights in lighting warehouse and other commercial facilities. Traditional lighting systems such as metal halide lights, sodium lights or even fluorescent lighting take considerable time to heat up and as a result, lot of latent energy is wasted. LED high bay lights are smooth operators in this regard, lighting up instantly. Traditional lighting is hampered by uneven distribution of lighting and suffers from inherent design impediments. LED high bay lights illumine spaces directionally and hence eliminate the extra costs incurred from reflecting or redirecting lights.

One factor that cinches the deal in favour of LED warehouse lighting is its cost efficiency. Industrial LED lighting is the most convenient and modern solution for lighting warehouse and commercial areas for its low energy consumption. For the environmentally conscious, energy saving LED warehouse lighting are a great way to contribute towards sustainable living.

Once LED high bay lights are installed in industrial spaces, one can just sit back in ease! One may ask why? Simply because installing LED high bay lights translates to near zero maintenance issues! In fact that’s the whole beauty of industrial LED lighting. Lighting warehouse spaces with LED high bay lights will ensure a long lasting smooth performance with negligible repairing hiccups. Oh! Did we mention unbelievably low electricity bills!

Thus, for an all-round luminous performance and admirable energy efficiency, LED high bay luminaries for lighting warehouse areas are the best bet by many lumens! Do check out Norse’s range of industrial LED lighting for convenient and long lasting solutions!

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Lighting up lives

LED lighting has lit up the illumination sector with luminescent brightness over the past few years. Lighting solutions such as High bay LED lights, LED panel light, LED downlights and others have lighted up lives with lumens! And parallelly, how can we discount the tremendous impact of solar energy in our lives? Solutions like the solar street light and ancillaries such as off grid solar system have harnessed the powers of our original and most powerful source of energy, the sun, very effectively.

The one clinching factor, and there are many, that makes LED lighting a clear winner over its traditional incandescent counterparts is energy efficiency. Broadly speaking, lights such as High bay LED lights, LED panel light, LED downlights use at least 50 percent less energy than halogen or incandescent lamps. For instance High bay LED lights are genuine alternatives to conventional systems for their sturdy performance and durability. Functional designs of High bay LED lights just add to their quality.

One coveted feature is the instant ‘on’ function. No more niggling irritants like flickering and delayed function of conventional lighting. Turn on an LED panel light or LED downlights and watch them illumine instantly! It’s indeed a relief to do away with hesitance. ‘To be or not to be’ is definitely not an option for LED lighting! When it comes to LED lights, incredible energy efficiency makes it almost akin to a super-being in the realm of luminaries. Install any LED panel light, High bay LED lights or LED downlights and watch your electricity bill pale away into insignificance!

Speaking of luminaries, what example can better the sun that outshines them all? The smartest thing to do is to harness this invincible source to power the lighting systems. It is a remarkable and convenient way to light up solar street lights that use photovoltaic cells to power up. Solar street lights provide beautiful illumination at a fraction of the conventional cost. The required solar energy is often stored in an off grid solar system. Indeed the best example of clean energy is the off grid solar system which captures the sun’s energy, converts it into electricity and smartly stores it in batteries for later use. Solar street light powered by off grid solar system is a shining example of renewable energy.

Do have a peep into the Norse collection of LED lighting solutions and come away feeling enlightened!

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Norse Lighting : Energy Efficient indoor & outdoor led lighting solutions

LED lighting has revolutionized the space in energy efficiency over the past few years. In addition to being reliable, LED lighting is a much smarter alternative to fluorescent and incandescent lighting. In a time when the world is striving to limit the damages inflicted upon the environment, it is only germane that we adopt sustainable and conservation friendly solutions in day to day living. LED lighting is indeed a wonderful way to light up, both in terms of lumens and lighter electricity bills!

Making a breakthrough in the field of rather jarring and, one may add, garish halogens is recessed lighting like LED downlights. Fitted on ceilings, LED downlights are the way forward in diffused and accent lighting, highlighting and illuminating spaces according to needs. Designed for both residential and commercial spaces as also offices, retail and such, LED downlights provide effective solutions to lighting up high-ceilinged spaces.

LED high bay lighting is another smart instance in the realm of energy saving solutions. These lighting fixtures are primarily used in industrial and manufacturing spaces besides warehouses. Typically LED high bay lightings have suspended mounting, using chains and hooks. Low maintenance and cost effectiveness make these fixtures coveted illuminating features. Norse offers an array of these lights in eye catching elegant designs. What’s more, they are unbelievably low on energy consumption and effortlessly at par with the best in business.

Blazing a trail in luminous design and warmly enthusing interior designers and their ilk are LED panel lights. These customised lighting systems, found in a host of designs, absolutely delight with their white incandescence and chic aluminium frames. Be it education, hotel, retail or the food industry, LED panel lightings are a cherished addition, and often, quite the highlights, of these spaces. The techno spiffy Kelvin changing feature of these LED panel lights can well serve as the proverbial icing on the cake.

While speaking of lights, it is humbling to realise that the sun, the primal giver of life is also our fundamental source of light and energy. Harnessing the power of the world’s oldest and almost magically renewable energy resource is the smartest thing to do in order to promote sustainable living. Solar powered street lights can radically transform the power consumption scene and promote responsible behaviour in consumerism. In fact off grid solar systems greatly reduce conventional power dependence with solar batteries for excess power storage.

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It has taken us weeks if not months, lots of late nights, plenty of coffee and samosas to get to where we are today. We are pleased to unveil Norse’s brand-new website.

Norse is now a registered trademark and has been created as a result of our years of supplying LED lighting products into projects, where we supplied indoor and outdoor LED lighting products manufactured by other reputable manufacturers. However, on many occasions we found a mismatch between our customer’s expectations and our manufacturer’s products and felt that it was too big a gap to ignore. We therefore embarked on a long journey of creating a brand of indoor and outdoor lighting that manufactures high quality LED lighting products. Branded core components like LED chips and LED drivers are sourced only from reputable branded manufacturers who have decades of expertise in their manufacture. This is to ensure high performance of our manufactured products that massively outlive their product warranty. Norse’s LED lighting is manufactured in units based in United Kingdom, rest of European Union, Turkey and far-east under our strict quality control supervision.

Norse is primarily going to manufacture products for Projects and for distributors/resellers that will hold stock of our products. The range includes outdoor LED lighting including Street lighting, indoor LED lighting, Solar LED Street lighting, and other Solar lighting products that are being developed to be launched soon. The products have CE certification and RoHS certifications and will be delivered worldwide. Product warranty can be offered for up to 5 years depending on the client’s requirements. Norse is committed to product innovation and is striving to bring out the latest in technology. As part of this commitment and to reduce the carbon footprint, the focus is to make the LED lighting products very energy efficient so that more light is produced for the same energy used (expressed as higher lumens per Watt). We are striving as much as possible to use LED chips and their compatible drivers where we can achieve higher light efficiency even in our existing range of products so that the end user can benefit from the latest improvements in technology. Norse is taking a human-centric approach to lighting as light is an important element in one’s daily existence and is known to impact one’s mood.

Despite the distance covered so far, we believe that we are at the beginning of our exciting journey in which we can add value to the users of our products. Technology is rapidly developing and the future possibilities are endless for product innovation not only in the outdoor and indoor LED lighting products range, but also in the Solar LED products range and Smart Lighting products. We are working on it and will soon keep you updated on the latest developments, so do keep a watch out for more news from us.

But for now, do check out our new website ( and we look forward to hearing from you!

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