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My name is Alex, Hi
My name is Alex, Hi

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Hello, I have glossophobia. I had it all my life, although it has gotten worse since i went from a private school to a charter school. Here the teachers force you to speak, read, and give presentations. I hate that, and I get scared. When the teachers call on me, my friends say that my face gets paper-white and my hands shake. My legs get numb and my vision gets blurry and almost dyslexic. I begin to stutter and no one realizes that i am scared to death of speaking. I try my hardest to avoid talking to people, except for two people at school who are my friends and three outside of school. It may not seem too bad, but it is hard to talk to them too, although i am a little more comfortable around them. I hide behind other students so the teacher doesn't see me, and when i need to give something to teachers or ask them for something, I send one of my friends to do it for me because i cant stand the idea of talking to the teachers. I joined the debate club to help with my speaking, but all I have achieved is my entire body shaking and speaking too fast and slurred for people to understand (and i stutter too). For the cowboy poetry contest, i purposely didnt turn mine in (even though i was chosen out of the entire class to enter it) so i could avoid having to recite it in front of a hundred people. When a stranger talks to me, i try to run away. If that is not an option, I just avoid eye contact and reply in one word answers. If there are people around me, but they are completely ignoring me. Heavenly.
I have been trying to work on it, but it is hard. I cant imagine what it would be like when i get to high school. At least you will be here to help me +Jessie Russell !!

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You saved Christmas

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This is just a random ending that my family is debating over whether it could happen or not, or if they would want another ending. I just want your opinions.

What if...
Rick Dies. Except, right as he dies, he wakes up in the hospital room with the flowers still fresh next to him. He gets up and leaves the hospital through the same doors he did in season one. when he gets outside, he sees the first walker he ever saw (the one with no legs) alive and walking down the street talking with a friend. when he nears his home, he sees Morgan and Duane with his wife/the kid's mom walking around, alive. when he enters his house, he finds Laurie and Carl inside and they are very happy to see him.
Later, when he is driving down a highway, he sees Dale's RV.
Over a period of time, he sees all of the people that he was with during the zombie apocalypse. He is alive, all of that was just a bad dream.

Which ending do you choose?
A: Him meeting everyone is good enough.
B: He meets everyone, but when Rick gets home again, he looks at the TV and the headlines say "Strange Virus Breaks Out. Millions Dead."
C: Your own ending

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If only it were bigger you would be able to see it better.

Ice Ages and Global Warming
Getting closer and farther away from the sun in orbit?
The sun expanding and contracting?
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