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The new ESP8266 looks interesting. While it has limited IO, it has serial-driven WiFi, and is compat with the Arduino tools. Also, it's about $7. It will join my inventory of IoT devices.

The link between bees and fungi.

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For Lyndel. A physical version. The slowest wheel is the fundimental of the wave. Each wheel is a harmonic, spinning at twice the rate of it's parent. The radius of each wheel is the amplitude of that harmonic, and finally, the angle of each wheel is the phase of that harmonic. A low-pass filter would reduce the amplitude of the faster-spinning (higher harmonics), while a high-pass filter would reduce the amplitude (radius) of the slower spinning wheels.
This is a less ugly Fourier Series demonstration. The wood circles represents the terms in the serie. The "size" of the circle is the magnitude of the corresponding coefficient. The initial angle is the phase of the coefficient. Each circle spins with an increasing speed (frequency). In this simulation, 10 coefficients were used (can you spot all of them? Why?)

Thanks to Blender and its powerful photon mapping called "cycles render" (also my CPU for holding 15h of rendering %-) . Its hope giving to know that such software is not only free... Its Open Source!

#fourier   #simulation  

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Why I love Montana.

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This was interesting. A man with an obsession, and his journey. Even ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

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Enjoying a good performance. A bit of morse for my HAM friends.

Doing some Win8 coding at #seattlegivecamp

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A quick tour around WIndows 10 CTP, thanks to Scott Hanselman.

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An interesting AR technology coming out of Google.

So does lack of #Agile experience disqualify somebody from consideration for a job? Have we really gone that far?
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