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Blessed and Thankful
Blessed and Thankful

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Until it
stuck me hard in the head, I wasn’t  brain-dead Dilemma of
understanding the nuances was too far-stretched An allusion
to the famous political leader and a metaphor on the  suppressed Personifying
the knees and changing the whole darn subject Liter...

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Of Solitude and Camaraderie
Why mustn't I be only
and lonesome? When you – my dear
beloved – are miles away What about those days
we spent in the vicinity of each other’s smiles and words Those which never
dulled out for you were present, alongside Striving for spending
yet another da...

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A Warm Oblivion
Nothingness is all around and all around is hope The way I see it is the way it shows Clear and well lighted, a place for both young and old Shines in the darkness and hides in the gold.

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Of Togetherness!

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Of Togetherness
speak to you of togetherness And
glee  And all things perfect When
you put on the very liberating Chanel No. 5 And
the color that glistens brings out even better of your skin Set
forth on a journey that seems unending yet lovable Time
beats – –
And stops ...

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Literature & Colours
Yesterday a fellow
teacher told me to write,   just write . She said, fairly convincingly, that I need to
let my heart free by venting it on paper. Sweet of her as the written word has
always been that powerful anyway. So a word of caution here, this could ...

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Meant To Be
He lifted me in the
air With his hands on my
waist And mine on his
shoulders Those mighty strong
shoulders That also held my
head While movies And During endless hours
of sleep And  Other emotions, alike. The way he looked me
in the eye We knew it was meant...

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Nancy Grossman's Interview - the author of A World Away!

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Nancy Grossman
Hello Readers, Today I am going to introduce you to yet
another brilliant author – Nancy Grossman . Her debut novel – A World Away ,
which received The Best Books of the Year 2012 award – is bound to take you through
a very fascinating teenage ride on an Am...

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A distinctive author who has smelled the gunpowder himself - Mukul Deva; check out his interview people! 
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