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You Just Got Learned

Finally a story with a message I can understand...

#dune #geek #shaihalud  

Just watched the new #Thor movie.

The Battle of Naboo and Anakin/Amidala romance was much better this time around. 

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Just in case there's any confusion, I'm not that Young Lee. 

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Congratulations to California State Bar President-elect Luis Rodriquez! 

Not only is he the first Latino to hold the office, but also the first public defender. 

#calbar   #latino   #attorney  

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Pretty impressive. Nice way to showcase 3D model renders online. 

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Printed fabric "poster": handy, durable, and rather affordable solution to the traditional paper poster. (h/t +Talitha Matlin)

The $25 scrunchable scientific poster

Printed on Spoonflower performance knit at 300 dpi. 36” x 56”, vivid colors, no unraveling, and minimal wrinkling, even after being stuffed in a backpack. Hangs straight with about 8 pins. Print cost is $22 with $3 shipping.

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Adding to the pianist theme for today. (h/t +John Jackson)

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Potholes must be hell on the tuning. ;)

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There's just something about living in spaces hewn from stone. (Adding this to my Italy bucket list itinerary, along with the Cinque Terre.)
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