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Graphic Designer/Developer at Design Haven

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Hi friends!

In the past year I have been developing with a friend, a web browser game called Erannorth. We simply wanted to build a fun rpg game that anyone can enjoy 24/7 without emptying their pockets or have to die young grinding for the premium resources and still be unable to compete with the other players.

I think we did a good job on that.

Erannorth is a text-based RPG Game that takes place in a vast continent, and is the only browser game (at least that I know of) that is 100% free.

No energy gates & no real money purchases. All items and resources can be freely found in game. You can completely customize your character, explore 24 distinct locations, acquire and equip hundred of items, interact with NPCs, and fight other players all in a relaxing 'Choose your Own Adventure' interface.

Fans can optionally support our vision and further game development through Patreon. (Patreon is a crowd-funding platform that enables content creators to obtain funding from their fans (or patrons) and make their vision reality.) In return these fans will receive additional perks, but nothing ground breaking or unobtainable by simply playing the game.

If you find the concept intriguing, check it out.

And start playing today and forever for free.

You don't even have to share this post or ever support the project. ;)

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Erannorth is a text-based RPG Game that takes place in the vast continent of Elos, and you can play it right now on your browser for free. No energy gates, no premium purchases and no way to spend money in-game even if you wanted to. #rpg   #online   #browsergame   #erannorth  

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Hi folks! Here is the latest What's new/Gameplay trailer for v0.56.5 of Erannorth. Yup I know we are already at v0.56.7.

Many things have already changed in the past 4 days since I made this video, but I am pretty sure, you prefer the updates to keep rolling rather than having up to date videos right? ;)

So I will just tell you briefly what's new since the what's new video and then let you watch it :P

1.Reincarnating while having 1000+, 4000+, 8000+, 16000+, 32000+ or 64000+ Fame will now grant you a special achievement & rewards in your next life. (See the Changelog for more details)
2. There is a major under the hood improvement in the Provisions Engine, so expect to see more versatile and interesting consumables in the near future ;)

In fact some of them are already here:
a. We distributed 39 Skill Books in the General Stores across each city of Elos. (Using up a Skill Book will give you a permanent +1 bonus to the said skill.)
b. You can find new Orbs & Elixirs in the Glory Store that give you various resistances and bonuses. i.e Permanent bonuses to your Fire Resistance, Dodge, Might Resistance etc. Those are also in the random drop loot tables so you might just find them eventually.
c. There is a premium Time Stone in the Exotic and Rare Goods store that will reset your dailies when you use it.

3. There has been a MAJOR graphics overhaul. Almost every Equipment piece, now have different and cooler artworks (except the weapons, but we are getting there...) So I suggest you clear your cache and then compare the live versions with the video versions ;)
4. Then we have some changes in some professions, many bug fixes in several quests, some more bug fixes (particularly that nasty bug that could cause your entire potion collection to vanish in thin air), a gazillion of new items, but all these you can read in the Changelog. :)

Oh, and to give you the heads up! The Hit Points sphere is now Green. Yup. It still baffles me why we kept it Red for so long when the Hit Points potions have always been Green?


So I will just let you enjoy the latest what's new video while I go make some more changes :P

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Hi folks! Hope you are enjoying Erannorth so far. It wouldn’t be the most feature rich text-based RPG without your suggestions, so thank you 🙂

A lot of new things happened in the previous development cycle. UI changes, Artwork updates, New Quests, New Home Upgrades and more, which I will cover in detail below.

At the end of the post I also include a new Promo Code for you, which will unlock the Magic Portal premium upgrade in the city you redeem the code, as well as give you 1850 Crystals to buy one more Magic Portal in another city of your choice (or to spend them in any other way you like).

But what’s this Magic Portal thingy you might ask, and why you should care? Well first things first 😉

The Magic Portal is not the most exciting of the new features after all 🙂

So here is What’s New in v0.55 of Erannorth: the Unfinished Tales in no particular order.

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Cool Event in Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales

Reach 1000 Glory by the end of June and earn 10.000 Crystals!

You can read more here:

#erannorth #online #browser #rpg

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Pink Eastern Sierra - Photography by Daniel Fleischhacker If you want to know how I process my images then here you find my complete post processing workflow: - Daniel Fleischhacker #landscapephotography #sierra #mountains

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Refer your friends in Erannorth using your referral link and earn double the Crystals and Gold each time one of them registers for 1 more month!

They will also receive the same reward as an one-time bonus.

(Referral rewards will revert back to normal of 250 Crystals and 1000 Gold at 31/6/2016! So hurry up and bring your friends on board today ;) )

#rpg #online #browser #text-based #erannorth

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Start your journey on Erannorth today with the Early Adopter Perk and double referral rewards!

The Early Adopter Perk will give you:

- 500 Crystals
- 2x Mysterious Chests
- 2x Upgrade Chests
- 1x Equipment Chests

(Both bonuses will only be available till 31/6/16)

#rpg #browser #online #text-based #erannorth

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Entering the cave by Nino Seric - A caver going down the cave, Gajna, Croatia. -
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