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John Easton
Websites & Video That Turn Browsers Into Buyers
Websites & Video That Turn Browsers Into Buyers

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Decided to give myself a break today ...

G+ Community: How to Change Color Theme

Is there a way to change your Google+ Community color scheme? 

Hiccup Adjustment Use Case Support
If there is a delay to the start of the users routine (ex. user wakes up 30 min late) it would be helpful to be able to adjust the start time of a task or the start time of the entire routine and have the task times beneath automatically adjust or prompt the user for lower task adjustment.

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Just met with +Peter Lee to discuss referral automation solutions.  Aside from being bright and motivated, he is also a value-driven solution provider and I feel his startup (Forewards) has great promise.

Can't add a business page to my G+ profile.  When I go throughout the pages setup it asks me to find my business then the system says that someone else already claimed that business (duh, that would be me).  How do I get around this frustrating loop? Thank you in advance for your assistance

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Attempting to trick Google into "liking" your website is becoming less effective with each revision of the search king's algorithm.  Winning favor with Google and more importantly with your clients requires creating a great customer experience, building trust, establishing credibility, amplifying your value-message ... in short doing all of these things well but in a digital way (blogging, online social engagement, online seminars, and more).

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Small business friendly tools packaged along with sound social media strategy tips, you are sure to walk away with an ah-ha moment or two you can immediately put to use after reading this post. I for one have found the tool to be exceptional at simplifying the process pulling together (curating) content on topics that help me stay abreast of website design trends, research prospective clients, supply info to current clients and build awareness of the value my team delivers to those we serve ... a must read.

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The Power of Guest Blogging

I recently mentioned guest blogging to a client as an opportunity to build authority and drive high quality traffic to her new website and thought others might benefit from this powerful traffic generating tactic.

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While exercise is important to your personal and professional success, exercise is only a part of the calorie burning mix. Increasing your overall activity is a second variable in the equation. Check out this read to add a few helpful practices to your lifestyle. Thanks +Darryl Parker for the suggestion. 
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