The Police Raids
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church at Denver, Colorado
July 1971 Ethel was 16 years old at the time these events occurred. Obviously there were many witnesses to what had happened to Ethel when she was delivered to the crept door by Denver Police  one July night in 1971. Only one witness was willing to step forward and  to help her or to talk about it.That person has supplied a written witness statement.

The hospital provided a written verification of Ethel's hospitalization as a result of these crimes against her. 

Ethel remembers and is very saddened that the episcopal diocese of Denver, Colorado has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye toward her suffering and has not stepped forward voluntarily to make amends to the best of their ability and to help Ethel who was very seriously injured while on the church grounds and within church buildings which had happened to Ethel at the hands of the then existing church clergy.  Ethel's true story is shocking to many citizen's.

During 1996 Ethel came to Denver and filed lawsuits against the Diocese and The City of Denver (named at the time  and served to Butch Montoya) and the Denver Police Department. The suits were dismissed by the court because a certain piece of paper was not served along with her complaint. It was the answer sheet which is to be included with the documents when there is a lawsuit filed. Ethel who had no experience in document preparation and service did her best but had filed pro se because Ethel was not able to retain an attorney in the matter because of several attorney  conflicts of interest in and around Denver related to the city and so she was not able to obtain any form of counsel (not even enough to show her what papers to serve).

What a shame on the City of Denver and to the Episcopalian Diocese .
Both should have been jumping out of their seats and demanding that Ethel be compensated for the atrocities committed against her while she was a teen who had trustingly gone to the police station asking for safe shelter on that horrible long ago night in July of 1971... 

Rector Jon Marr Stark and
Rev. Chauncey Linus Shaw III 
Two of the biggest liars and trouble makers that I've ever had the misfortune to meet. You'll find the complete facts uncovered within my book.

Ethel was 16 years old at the time these things happened to her.

One night in July, 1971 (at about 10:30 PM) after going to the police department in lower downtown Denver and asking to stay the night within the lobby (because it was raining outside) Ethel was told to wait until two Denver police could drive her to a safe place for the night. She was put into a police car and brought to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church at 2015 Glenarm Place in Denver and told to open the big door down under  (and they pointed out the actual door to go inside the crept) and therefore she (trustingly obeyed) and had been delivered to the church crept by Police.

Immediately upon entry Ethel saw nothing but pitch dark. She heard a male voice saying, "It's a chick!"  She was immediately "grabbed" and ..

Held captive and gang raped at St. Andrew's crept and passed around for sexual assault by clergy members and others and then afterward held prisoner (within an other building on the same  property) in upstairs clergy quarters.  Having been poisoned and in a coma and dumped outside of the crept and into the court yard she was found and brought by ambulance and hospitalized at St. Luke's Hospital.

Police had delivered Ethel to an all male shelter where they knew were staying dangerous criminals. Looking at the following article it's hard to fathom that they were not already quite aware that they were "delivering her to the animals".

Ethel was then befriended by seventeen year old R. Luken's, who saved her life when others that had been involved in the rape and the kidnapping were determined to kill her after her release form St. Luke's Hospital.
August 5, 2014
August 5, 2014
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