Is it okay if I use one of these posts as a placeholder for a few links over which I want to ponder for a little while? Well, I guess it is since this is my feed and all, but, hey, if you want to ruminate over them a while, too, and come up with your own thoughts about WHAT WENT WRONG, that'd be okay.

First link is to John Ekdahl's piece at Ace of Spades about the Project ORCA GoTV effort on Election Day (

Follow-up here by Bethany Mandel at Commentary, with more information from actual "on the ground" volunteers (

The Romney campaign responded with comments to Katrina Trinko at Romney-friendly NRO ( John Ekdahl lit into them with vigor (

Ben Howe followed it all with perhaps the harshest piece of all, buttressed by information from anonymous sources inside the campaign (

The takeaway seems to be that we were sold on the concept that Mitt Romney was a competent business manager and that he would run America like he ran businesses. Except, his campaign was mismanaged from pretty much the first day of the general election, overrun by amateurish and money-grubbing consultants and managers.

Or, if you like, Mitt Romney was Herman Cain's campaign with a lot more money and the enthusiastic backing of professional Republicans.

Of course, I could be wrong. :)
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