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Has anyone figured out how to use Sparks as an honest-to-God RSS feed yet? I've mucked around with it a couple times and haven't found it worth my time.
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It's all about getting the right search words, and even then it is half assed. I should just be able to import my feeds into the sparks section and have spark circles.
+Siamak Manzarpour What do you get out of Sparks? How do you use it?

(Also, you send your RSS feeds to e-mail? I just use Google Reader, which (oddly enough) isn't integrated with Google+. Yet.
Honey, I haven't even figured out how to post pics yet. #techdunce
Ah, gotcha, +Siamak Manzarpour! I can see how that would be very handy. I don't quite like my info from the web in that fashion. Maybe we'll get the option to choose one way or the other?
My problem with it is that I don't read by subject. I read by site, and I don't know that Sparks can handle that particularly well.

But it is an interesting way to give people an easy means of reading more about their specific interests. I wonder if Google has gamed the Sparks search engine to push its preferred content providers to the top of the Sparks heap?
Hmmm. See, I didn't know I could do that. Interesting. Thank you!
I read RSS primarily by site as well, but I'm particularly impressed at the quality content that Sparks returns by way of a simple keyword search. I can't imagine that G+ won't offer us the ability to import our own RSS feeds (preferably from Google Reader!) in the very near future.
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