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The Netflix Obsession.

     It all started when I asked for my best friends Netflix password because I did not want to pay for it and she rarely uses it. First it was documentary's then new releases and now tv show series. I will ask my sister what she's watching on Netflix, and when she tells me I hurry home to start that series. It's like a competition even though she is not competing I have to finish all the episodes before she does which is about 20 episodes a season... sometimes there is 1 season and sometimes there is 8 seasons. Either way she starts with probably a 5 episode lead on me and I always come out first. I will spend any chance I get to watch Netflix.
     I find myself constantly pressing the refresh button on new releases every time I log into Netflix...which is every night. my new addiction that I have recently started is Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I've seen a couple episodes here and there but I just really wanted to get into it because I think its absolutely hilarious. I'm currently on season 2 episode 8.. there is 7 seasons.
     Having no cable is the struggle so I am dependent on Netflix for my entertainment during the weekdays, all my friends are always so backed up in homework and multiple exams a week which I am as well extremely busy. But by the time I have finished my homework or studying it is too late to call up a friend to hangout so what better way to end the night than to watch some Netflix. I have accepted being a "Netflix junkie".
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