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I travel. I socialize. I help people save energy.
I’m a people person; a geek who likes to make widgets work. 

For those who live outside of Georgia, I'm from Atlanta.  For those in the area, I grew up in the Marietta 'burbs.
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I just started a blog called The World According to Bridget
  • Southern Polytechnic State University
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Morning Reads for Thursday, April 11

Gooood morning from Nashvegas! Up and at'em. Georgia Gwinnett police kill gunman who held firefighters hostage. From Reuters I'm not judging

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TweetIs everyone on their way to County Conventions today?? I’m here and ready to greet you. The wifi is strong, young Skywalker – YES. The

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TweetH/T to Three Jack in yesterday’s Morning Reads. Rep Michael Caldwell’s Legislative Tracker. He proactively posts his votes for his cons

Ready : FIRE! : Aim — Peach Pundit

TweetThere are some things on which I agree with tea partiers. There are some things I don’t – because I’m not against everything just to be

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Morning Reads for Thursday, February 28th — Peach Pundit

TweetScottsdale, Arizona – It’s early out here. Good morning, sunshine. Georgia Justices question Voting Rights Act An ex-con lobbyist says

Georgia’s Bill to Keep TANF Recipients from Shooting Up.. has been Shot ...

TweetAs I type this post from my work laptop, I’m reminded I had to pass a drug test prior to my first day on the job. Company policy says H

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TweetLet’s get ready to rumbbllllllle! Seth Harp sends a first-name basis email to the other men running for GAGOP Chair and then forwards i

Morning Reads for Thursday, February 21st — Peach Pundit

TweetGoood m’awnin from N’awlins! Louisiana is my fourth state in under a week. Are you familiar with “Trade Show Season”? It effectively me

Happy Birthday Bridget — Peach Pundit

TweetY’all go ahead and wish her a happy birthday, you hear? Tweet

Georgia Ramps Up Campaign to Shift Tennessee Border — Peach Pundit

TweetOur Water Battle Hits Fox News: Georgia residents are thirsty for Tennessee water. And state lawmakers are willing to try and move the

Legislator wants redistricting taken away from General Assembly — Peach ...

Tweetlolz – Good luck with this one, Senator. Interesting idea though. ATLANTA | Seven private citizens would draw election boundaries inste

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Condemn Election of Commissioner Darnell —...

TweetI’m being completely honest: I had no idea Georgia had an active Log Cabin Republicans chapter. I guess ALL forms of diversity are shuf

Rumor Has It… — Peach Pundit

Tweet…via Twitter that Seth Harp is running for GAGOP Chairman. … and via FB says that “[Rep Phil Gingrey is] running [for US Senate]. Tom p