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System: Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

Day/Time: Saturday 12-Noon MST February 24th ONESHOT.

Platform : Discord and Roll20

Notes : Never played the System before. Looking to do a Oneshot to get a feel for it. Looking for 3-5 players. Will probably be a mildly goofy light-hearted session. Somewhat Bonkers character concepts highly encouraged.

PM me if interested
Tunnels & Trolls
Tunnels & Trolls

castle floorplans? My DM is letting me flesh out a keep, the keep is alteady built and there but I get to create the details.

The keep is pentagon shaped

Anyone know of any existing maps of pentagonal keeps castles?

On the same subject what is a good free/cheap software in which to create such a map myself?

Ship Creation?

How do you guys handle Ship Creation? I am running a oneshot for Serenity lasting 4 sessions but am unclear on how to go about building their ship

I have started running a different system every other week. Existing players I know get priority but also always looking for new blood as not everyone is interested in every system out there.

So far I have run Numenera, I run Trail of Cthulhu tonight and The Sprawl in a few weeks. Next one after that will probably be Dogs in the Vineyard

I would also love to join any oneshots as a player if youll have me.

Ping me if your interested in either joining my regular oneshots, or have a oneshot for me to participate in.

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On January 27th 2017, I'll be running The Sprawl as a one shot with I am looking for four players. Using roll20, voice (Google Hangouts)required. We will be collaborating on characters before game starts on google hangouts text chat.

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Anyone here ever actually had a D&D campaign go the stereotypical route of characters building temples and castles and wizard towers?

Interesting, just occurred to me that most editions of d&d assumes this is the endgame and goal of high level characters but ive never done it, 5e doesnt seem to have this assumption

Does this Tier 2 Jack ability

Blackout (2 Intellect points): You cause all light sources within short range—numenera or otherwise—to fade to darkness for ten minutes. Action.

work like a darkness spell from D&D? i.e does it make complete darkness in short range?

like if there is a light source from outside short range, would it still manage to illuminate in the Jacks short range?

Would anyone be interested in a weekly or bi-weekly Roll20 Numenera game where we regularly trade off GMing responsibilities?

I want to play Numenera, but I dont want to be the only GM.

If you would be interested in either running Numenera full time, or in some sort of Round-Robin fashion where we trade off GMing responsibilities. contact me.

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