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Clean, modern hotel. Comfortable suites. Staff was courteous and helpful. Sadly some of the rooms are facing a busy road and so traffic could be heard fairly clearly. But otherwise, a great place to stay overnight.
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Rooms are comfortable. The A/C unit is a bit loud.
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Decent AYCE Japanese food. Good selection at dinner time. Price is slightly above average. I like that the portions are smaller so you can try more things before you are full. Service need a bit of work. Not enough waiters to customer ratio, so you sometimes feel neglected.
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Been here twice. Once I was sat downstairs right in front of Alex the owner. The second time I was with a bigger party and was seated upstairs. Great atmosphere and really great food. The drinks are a bit pricey. The upstairs service was lacking. One waiter for the entire floor that left us getting our own utensils 10 min after the appetizers arrived and two food items that never arrived. Overall a great place for a meat-extravaganza. Will go again!
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We had a reservation for 9 people for dinner. Arrived and it was really busy and we thought we were being smart for having made a reservation ahead of time. Waited over 2 hours before our party was seated. Other parties that knew the staff kept getting seated ahead of us. After speaking with the manager directly, they ushered us to the bar, gave us complimentary drinks and appetizers to try and make up for their mistake. By then, we were starving, so anything would have tasted good. But when we finally did get a table, I ordered a prime rib and the prime rib was absolutely subpar. The meat looked very unappealing. Almost looked like it was boiled, instead of roasted. And the texture was spongy, definitely not like fine quality meat. I am not sure what is wrong with the management at this location, but something has gone terribly wrong. I have not had other bad experiences in other locations of this franchise. I would never go back to this location ever again.
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