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Qui Ponce
I'm the cynical sister.
I'm the cynical sister.
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In The Tide of Emotional Comeback
I've been without much emotion for a long time. I felt sad, but it always was bland, simple, mindless. I had little interest in anything, in people, in playing. It's probably depression, actually that's what it has to be, but it didn't impede on my going ab...

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Spooky Boobs
So it's 8am and it's already another lousy day but here's a funny story in spite of it: I get to work very early on Fridays so I'm alone, it's quiet, no risk
of people coming in to donate things. If I were getting paid, it would
be the ideal job, but anyw...

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Summertime in the DC
As the weather warms up, people are stopping in more and more to donate their used household goods. This is good for the organization, and my job security. This is bad for me directly because people give me a lot of dirty, useless junk that I have to sort t...

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Custom Shoes - Steampunk World's Faire
In May, I am going to the Steampunk World's Faire in Piscataway, NJ. For
the most part when I go to places like this, where costuming is
encouraged, I rely a lot on my exsting costume collection for pieces.
This year, though, I wanted to make a few new t...

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Self Destruction is Self Improvement
There are times in life, and I'm sure many people have had them, where I will get an urge for something. It's not a specific something, just a change, just a push in some direction to break up the monotony. The most common and easiest to appease is the dest...

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Dilated Driving
A customer drove up to the donation center today, got out of her car and walked over to the door where I was waiting. (We are supposed to greet the customers at their cars.) She was wearing large sunglasses. She said to me (thinking, for some reason, I migh...

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Judging Books by Covers
Although today is Christmas Day, you don't need yet another form of media to tell you about Christmasy things. That's not to say I don't love Christmas- I do- but one can only take so much of anything. So instead, I'll share a thought I had this morning, wh...

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Ugh, My Husband
My husband is clever. Damned clever. Clever to the point where I loathe him. One of our cats has stopped using the litter box. Perhaps because she is old, perhaps because she's a bitch, I don't know. We have pee pads in front of the litter box where she goe...

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The Life of No Regrets
Inspirational books and Facebook posts would have you believe that it is the decisions you never made, the actions not taken, that bring you the most regret when you grow old. I don't know the kind of life these people assume we're leading- perhaps they fee...

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Christmas in the Lower Income Bracket
Christmas is coming and I am partly very excited about it, and partly exhausted already. People in the lower income bracket can appreciate how the holidays seem bleaker than usual, especially when you have a child that you want to make a special holiday for...
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