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Josiah Mackenzie
Works at ReviewPro
Attended Cedarville University
Lives in New York
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Review analytics provide insight hotel buyers can’t afford to miss, and are becoming a vital part of the due diligence process...
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Josiah Mackenzie

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The beginning of the month is the perfect time to try a 30 day challenge! Watch the short video about how it works, but you basically just try something new for 30 days. For example, I'm going to try to eat mindfully for the next 30 days.

If you want a fun one, maybe take a picture a day. Want a harder one? Since we're into the summer reruns on TV, why not give up TV for 30 days?
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Josiah Mackenzie

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USA Today and +ReviewPro reveal the best hotels in NYC based on guest ratings across the social web...
The understated, elegant Setai Fifth Avenue has earned the No. 1 spot in a new Top 10 best hotels list for New York by ReviewPro.
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Josiah Mackenzie

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"You are the average of the 5 people closest to you." - Jim Rohn. Great article from Scott Dinsmore on this...
*Note: After over a year of work, research and case studies, I finally recently launched Live Off Your Passion: An Unconventional Guide to Finding Passion and Getting Paid to Do Work You Love. A big p...
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Passion can overcome many obstacles. 
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Maybe the best SXSW trends wrapup I've seen....
Didn't go to SXSW? Or maybe you did but were too hungover?

What are the trends you need to know at SXSW? You should know these four observations

Observation Set 1: In a sea of noise, new technologies emerged to foster intimacy
Observation Set 2: The Sentient World continues to emerge as appliances, cars, and body data emerge to glean intelligence
Observation Set 3: Corporate Business continues to adopt interactive technologies and their presence was felt
Observation Set 4: Hollywood appearances increased in frequency, crossing interactive and L.A.
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Josiah Mackenzie

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I'm excited to announce our team at +ReviewPro has partnered with Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research: Looking forward to sharing more research-driven ideas and insights with you in the future!
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Benjamin Loomis is building a remarkable new hospitality company based on experiential travel through "privileged access." Read why he's doing this - and why this trend is important for every travel company:
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Here's some Friday inspiration for you....
Helpful Hotels: 15 Great Examples of Remarkable Service That Earns Social Media Attention -> by +Josiah Mackenzie 
"Social media raises the stakes for customer service." That was one of the most important insights from the recent Global Customer Service Barometer [PDF]
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Fight your way through...
If you're creative or you know someone who is, read this ... from

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Josiah Mackenzie

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Attention is shifting "...from the semiconductor-focused Silicon Valley to the media-focused homes of New York and Hollywood."
Why I'm in New York to buy my iPad; the new PR

So, later tonight I will join a line in New York to buy my iPad. Why here and not in Palo Alto?

Because I'm sensing a world shift and wanted to be here to participate in it.

What's the shift? Well, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple and the ecosystems that depend on them are increasingly going to compete on media, not on speeds and feeds.

We're already seeing this with Apple, even as it brings out a device with four times as many pixels on it that most reviewers are saying is stunning. Read those reviews at

These changes are underlined by Wall Street Journal reporter +Yukari Iwatani Kane who says she's not buying an iPad. She isn't impressed by twice as many pixels:

I theorize that we'll get more and more bored with hardware over time and make more and more of our decisions based on the media that's available on that hardware.

New York is a leader in media, far more than San Francisco is (to highlight this tomorrow I'll be on Fox Business News talking with Varney and Company -- the network is headquartered in New York).

While walking around New York with Glancee and Highlight on today I saw just how different the communities in both places are. In San Francisco I see engineers, VCs, CEOs. Here I've seen people involved in advertising, financial institutions, and many media types. Last night I had dinner with Jeff Sica. Valley types know him as a financial manager, his firm is at . But he also helps make movies, including Hugo, through his involvement with New Deal Studios. He deftly switched talking about economics to talking about the next UFO movie and how the aliens were developed in it.

It's guys like Sica who are the new power players in the war between Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple and sitting with us at dinner was PR maven at Davos +Nichole Rhodes (she seems to know everyone who was hanging out at the Piano Bar in Davos), who got me invited to meet up with him at New York's famed private Grand Havana Room.

Sica bragged that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had just been there too which underscores that I'm not the only one interested in New York's shifting role in the tech industry.

It's this crossing of media, tech, finance, and startups like Foursquare that make New York so interesting. If Amazon can get movies or TV shows that iPad can't, that will make it more interesting to consumers (and vice versa).

Tomorrow I will visit as many startups as I can before hopping back on the plane to come home with my new iPad but I will be back a lot, I sense, as the ecosystems move their attention from the semiconductor-focused Silicon Valley to the media-focused homes of New York and Hollywood.

While waiting for the first iPad I met many of the developers who now are the rock stars of the iPad development world. Tomorrow it won't be apps, but media, that will get us to adopt new things and make the new rock stars of the world.

Are you sensing the same shifts going on? I hear that up in Seattle Amazon has only one company they are aiming at: Apple. They know that if Apple wins the media deals their business goes away (look at all their latest offerings, everything from eBooks to music to movies -- most of those businesses are headquartered in New York).

Anyway, meet me in line at the Fifth Avenue Store after about 3 a.m. in New York and we'll discuss this new power center more.

By the way, there's a new PR thanks to new people discovery apps Highlight and Glancee and Kismet and +Nichole Rhodes is hardly the only PR person on them. I have half a dozen PR folks, from +Brandee Barker (formerly of Facebook) to +Brooke Hammerling to quite a few agency folks on the service.

PR is all about relationships and walking around New York you can see just how powerful these new tools are. Within seconds of passing through the tunnel into New York I was chatting with an engineer at Foursquare on that service and I've found it to be bringing many interesting people, including many in media, into my life here in New York and that trend will just continue.
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Another huge day at +ReviewPro - opening a San Francisco office & collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the travel industry....
ReviewPro Extends Leadership Position Through New Collaborations with Cornell University, Hotwire Co-Founder Gregg Brockway & Industry Expert Daniel Edward Craig.
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Josiah Mackenzie

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Love this idea!
Fall into Corinthia Hotel London's Musicians Penthouse with The Leisure Society's cast 3D Street Art piece by Joe Hill.
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Building and sharing cool stuff with hotels and travel technology
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Obsessed with building and sharing cool projects with hotels and travel technology.

My speciality helping hotels increase sales by using social technologies to provide remarkable service to their guests. (Everyone wins when we do this - travelers have more fun and hotels make more money.)

Love tea, writing, and everything related to design, art, and new media in New York, San Francisco, and Europe.
  • Cedarville University
  • Dublin School of Business
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Travel technology analyst in the hotel industry; Director of Partnerships and Business Development at ReviewPro
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We moved in a month ago, and really love this building. Ryan and the team here were super helpful in assisting us through the application and move in process even though we were coordinating details from across the country. The building amenities are something we really enjoy - great free on-site gym and public lounge areas with free coffee. Everything is kept spotless. Our unit itself is well furnished and never hear any noise from neighbors etc. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to move to Ballard.
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Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Seamless moving experience for our 2 bedroom apartment coast to coast for a fraction of the cost of other moving companies. Would use them again and highly recommend to others.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
I really liked this hotel. Had a 7-hour layover at Gatwick, and booked a room for the day to catchup on sleep. The staff were very helpful, and overall this hotel provided great value for the money. The room is very efficiently designed - and nearly silent inside, which is great for an airport hotel. The only two issues were my wifi access did not work initially (resolved after speaking with staff), and housekeeping came in and woke me up when I was sleeping halfway through the stay. But overall enjoyed this hotel - cool brand concept and well executed from a product standpoint.
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Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
4 reviews
So impressed by this place. Would give 6 stars if I could. Arrived in the morning after an early flight, and they were able to get me to a room right away. The attention to detail and thoughtfulness in the room design is obvious. Everything I want (power outlets, blazing fast wifi, water & Keurig machine in my room) and nothing I didn't need. Bathroom was large and spacious. Service was above and beyond my expectations. Room service was prompt, and I received a call afterwards to check how it was. Highly recommended and will return next time I'm in town.
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reviewed 5 months ago