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When the drawer slides out, the app list should slide out too, not get revealed. It currently doesn't move with the drawer like it's supposed to. 
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Of course that quickness also depends on the number of apps in the quick drawer. I try to keep as few as possible.
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The video of an entire flight between two islands in Scotland.
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I love iPads
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I know Sandy...
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This is so amazing. I would love to see Microsoft actually do this.
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When you click on an app in the search, there is no blue highlight of your selection, which breaks with the android guidelines. Please fix. 
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...without the exclamation point...
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Alexander Koenig (Sandy)

Feature Requests  - 
It would be nice to have a way to select which widget to set as the shutter for apps that have two or more widgets.
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I'm planning to add this soon.
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Oppa Minecraft Style!
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I can't believe +Matias Duarte let them change the gorgeous old calendar icon to this hideous, skeuomorphic new one.
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Somebody that I used to know performed entirely by an HP printer.
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Just try... you'll never guess.
Don't give it away!
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