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Bobby Griffith
Fanatical cyclist, Exercise Physiologist, PCB Designer, Lover of Christmas
Fanatical cyclist, Exercise Physiologist, PCB Designer, Lover of Christmas

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Lawn Da Vinci is an open-source, remote-controlled mower:
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Amazon Alexa is available to use on a Raspberry Pi, negating the need to purchase an Amazon Echo. Using a few readily available components, The Raspberry Pi Guy has offered up this easy to follow tutorial, allowing anyone the opportunity to incorporate Alexa into their home.

This is a great project and one that would be definitely be an interesting build to worth through with children this summer.

(Or just for yourself because, well… AI is awesome!)

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This Smart Mirror checks the daily newscast, without leaving smudges.

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Automate your home with openHAB

OpenHAB is an open source automation platform designed to use a pluggable architecture, which means that new devices and protocols can be added easily. This pluggability extends also to the persistence layer, so your system can maintain its state information on your choice of platform

"One thing that immediately impressed me with openHAB was the huge variety of bindings for different devices and services. Virtually every type of home automation hub and protocol is covered; if you have an Insteon-based hub already in place, for instance, openHAB can take over management of the system while using your hub as a communications portal to Insteon and older X-10 devices. Or, if you have aNest thermostat, you can get information from the Nest and use it to configure roller blinds, attic fans, or other HVAC devices. You can even add a contact to a window (which doubles as a security contact) and when the window is open, flip the Nest into "Away" mode. Networkable UPS units, an Asterisk PBX, CalDAV, an assortment of projectors and other multimedia devices, Philips HUE, Wemo, Plex, Z-Wave devices, and a whole lot more—it's all modular. You set up the bindings and application integrations you want, and then you can have events on one thing trigger others. A few enterprising users have even used Amazon Alexa's Home Automation Bridge to add voice control with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices."


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This Electronic Wall Display uses Raspberry Pi to show your day at a glance:

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The 3 Finest Tools for Diagramming |
One of the easiest and most effective ways of communicating complex ideas is to construct a workflow diagram.

These diagrams combine the specificity of the written word with the simple, easily graspable nature of pictures. A workflow diagram draws your eye to the most important parts of your presentation. 

The key is to keep things simple; even a complicated mathematical equation can be translated into an effective workflow diagram. And these days, it doesn’t take a graphic artist to make one. There is specialized software you can use that makes creating one incredibly easy. Here are the best three programs for making a workflow diagram.

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#diagram   #workflow   #organizing  

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I've been enjoying just using my Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer with Raspbian, but this looks like it could be a really fun project.
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