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Cartoonist and graphic designer in Los Angeles, CA.
Cartoonist and graphic designer in Los Angeles, CA.

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Say what, Google+?!

Tumblr: "We're sorry, but we're over capacity right now despite the fact that we're about to become irrelevant by Google."

I really don't like myself when I'm this angry with someone. How can I make this stop short of punching them in the face and kicking them in the balls?

I just shared something privately on Tumblr with someone. If he dares to share it publicly, so help me god I will eviscerate him.

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Moral indignation on Twitter irks me more than anything else. While I don't make jokes about dead celebrities (for the most part), it's a personal choice. I'm tired of the arbitrary decisions that one person is worth mourning while another isn't. Respect the recently passed or mock them mercilessly—it doesn't really change anything. But before you criticize other people's decision, take a look at what you have made light of in the past. We are all guilty of trivializing things that other people take very seriously. It is not our job to be paragons of virtue and police morality.

Perhaps I'll use Google+ to tell all the jokes I know would get me unfollowed and heckled on Twitter.

I had no idea that so many people on Twitter were relatives and close, personal friends of Amy Winehouse.

I was able to make jokes in the limo between the funeral home and the cemetery when my mom passed away, and I actually knew that woman and loved her.

There's comedy in tragedy, people. It's the way some people choose to cope with it. Deal with it.

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Was anyone else here last night? I was. You should've said hello.

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Quite possibly my favorite new site.
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