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Lightening Up
Sometimes bloggers use their writing forums (our blogs) to think in writing.  It helps to clear our minds and we just choose to let the world in to share those thoughts.  Some bloggers write DIY tips (and thank you SO much - I am rehabbing furniture with my...

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June 9, 2014
What I am writing is very personal and my way of processing this anniversary of Natalie's death. If this is going to bother you, please move on and don't comment. The date on her death certificate and on the headstone says June 12, 2014.  That is the legal ...

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Writing the events
It has almost 6 months since my sister's death, and the discovery of her real life and things I can't really verbalize. A few weeks ago I started writing them.  It is chronological, describing what I was doing, what smells there were, and yes, the feelings....

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What really died on June 12
My sister died on June 12, but that's a who, not a what. What died? The hope I could have a healthy relationship with her.  It was the same as with my mother.  I mourned, and still do, mourn what could have been. The trust I had in who I thought she was die...

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The Fall was my favorite Season
The Fall was my favorite season growing up. It has Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving - or I did.  It has beautiful colors and cooler weather.  It has the anticipation of Christmas and my Savior's birth. It is bittersweet. It also had my mother's birthday. ...

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When my dad can't get into his bank account online, why does he assume it's the bank's fault?  (3 times since June) Why did my sister buy all the discounted movies in Walmart?  VHS, DVD... if you want some chances are they are in the back of my car. When a ...

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It's times like this when I wonder. I think about them and wonder if I did enough.  Of course the answer is always no.  I didn't.  But on the other hand, if I had tried, the wedge between us would have grown.  Double-edged sword.  No matter what, someone bl...

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Today I heard a message from a wise man.  It was on the transitions in our lives.  Something (well, actually many somethings) stuck with me through the day. To have a beginning, something else must end. He used an acrobat on a trapeze as an example... to gr...

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A new normal
It has been six weeks since my sister passed away, seven since her life was celebrated in a beautiful service. Finally, I think I know what normal will be like.  I will be in frequent contact with my father, talking about his needs.  I'll make more frequent...

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