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My favorite picture of Missy

Ok.  Really bummed out about missing the Crusade.  After working all night got finished with the properties at 3:30.  Rested and now to console myself, I am reorganizing my house and turning what many people call the living room, into my craft/larp/sewing room.  Hell, because of the layout of my house, the living room is usead as a big assed hallway to the kitchen, so why not?

Expect news and announcements here as well

Food provided by the game to the players always seem to be a problem.  What foods would you suggest?  Does your game provide food for players?

This is my favorite community.  It is absolutely fascinating noting the cultural differences and similarities about the hobby throughout the world.

As many of you know, I am a murder mystery buff.  Although I lean towards the cozy's like Miss Marple, and Mrs Jeffries, I also adore Nero Wolfe.  I have noticed that many of the books (especially Nero Wolfe) have elaborate descriptions of food.  My new project is to organize a Murder Mystery Meal.  People will get together and we will watch some good murder mysteries while eating the clue and calorie laden culinary capers.  Ok, I let the alliteration get away from me there.
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