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I'm familiar with the ubiquitous Labyrinth Move, but I wanted a move to express wandering twisting dungeon passages while abstracting the concept of losing your way in the dungeon. This is done via a hold of a "Lost" resource. You need to be at 0 Lost to get back out the way you came. I also like very compact moves, and this accomplishes what I want in a pretty compact format. Like the various wilderness travel moves, I peg this to a specific stat (INT). I like the tension of not wanting to make a squishy PC take point, I think it leads to interesting choices. But just wanted to throw this out there, I tweaked it slightly after several sessions of use. Maybe it will spark some inspiration ;)

When you wander the twisty passages, whoever is taking point rolls +INT (and takes the brunt of any danger). On a hit, you make a discovery. On a 10+ the party takes -1 Lost. If the party is at 0 Lost, you can make your way back from whence you came. On a 7-9 select one below. On a miss, take both, in addition to what the GM says.
* You stumble into a danger
* The party takes +1 Lost

New Paladin Vow. Throw this at your paladin to shake things up when they make the Quest move!

* Zealotry (required: try your best to convert unbelievers when the opportunity presents itself)

Forging Flags and Bonds

In the first session of my new open world campaign yesterday I tried out an idea for forging Flags with Bonds. Here it is in a nutshell:

The concept of Bonds is replaced with a numerical "Bond" resource, which means that any rule that references Bonds in DW still works. When you hit another PC's Flag during play, you gain +1 Bond with that PC. You can still only have a total number of Bonds equal to the number of Bond slots on your character sheet. If you are at your limit, and want to increase your Bond with one PC, you'll need to reduce it with a different PC first.

This simulates waxing and waning strengths of relationships during a campaign, especially in a campaign where the cast of characters can rotate in and out. It worked pretty well in the first session. Two PCs hit each other's respective Flags, and thus had +1 Bond with each other by the time the session was over. They just added it to their sheet in Roll20 in the Bonds area.

"What is about to happen?"

I often have trouble with this Discern Realities question. To me it feels contra to the "play to find out what happens" principle. I'm even thinking of tweaking the question to something like "What is likely to happen next?" This would give the players some insight into the situation, but not be so ... set in stone :) How do you usually handle this question?

Assassin (new Hireling Skill)
In the less wholesome steadings you can find gangs of cutthroats who will take a life for a price. These ruthless individuals are experts in the tools and dealings of death.
Poison Caddy - When you use a poison while an assassin is aiding you, add their skill to the next associated roll. Any consequences of dealing with the dangerous poison befall the assassin and not you.
Indebted to Death - When you roll Last Breath with an assassin at your side, take -1 forward to the roll. On a miss, Death claims the assassin instead of you.

Animate Dead - "You invoke a hungry spirit to possess a recently-dead body and act for you."

The zombie is limited, but the spirit possessing it is described as "hungry". This implies the spirit has at least some agency. How would you use that in play, if at all?

Arcane Focus
This scintillating Orb feels warm to the touch, and produces charges of multi-colored light as it is handled. When you roll 9 or less on a Cast a Spell move while holding the Orb, you can attempt to invoke its power to salvage the spell. Give the Orb +1 Stress, and then roll +Stress. On a 10+, the Orb releases its Stress in a magical burst, and the GM will describe what happens. On a 9 or lower, you can roll you Cast a Spell move again. The Orb's Stress resets to 0 naturally when you sleep for the night. 1 Weight, Dangerous.

Spirit Powder
This rust colored powder in a brown tin is perpetually cold to the touch. When thrown in the air, it coats any incorporeal or invisible entities present, making them visible for several minutes. 5 uses, 1 Weight.
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