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Marcus Loxias Megalos

my political views? pretty much just hate every politician...

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haha! i know a lot of teams who could use this cat!

spent a lot of today sitting by the sea. feels good to unwind and think for a bit. wish i had the chance to do this every day

charged my phone off friend's cars today. hope whoever caused this blackout is fired and thrown into the sea

İyi bir koşu ayakkabısı tavsiye edebilecek olan var mı? Hafif ayakkabı alıyorum ama hemen parçalanıyor. Ağır olanlarından alıyorum. Bu sefer de sanki ayağımda bot varmış gibi hissediyorum. 

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we should all look through the eyes of a tourist from time to time

finally a goal

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interview with top ingress player in the world 
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