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Oh God What is that?!
Oh God What is that?!

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Do you like #giveaways? #gaming #computers or #VR? Check this site and giveaway out. 

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Those living in the #Baltimore and #Towson areas, sign up for OrderUp using the link below to receive a $7 dollar credit on your first order (it's a food delivery app). Do it, free credits for you and for me, we'll I get to make someone watch Paul Blart films.

What do I do on days that my body is riddled with crippling pain?

Comic book day!


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This is an incredibly well done music video based off/using Web comic source material. The flow is gorgeous, the music choice precise and the fluidity outstanding. Give it a watch. It was breath taking. If you're interested, the source material is Ava's Demon. #Ava'sDemon #musicvideo +Ava's Demon fandom​

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If I lived anywhere near this cat, he would be mine 
He’s 10 years old, but this beautiful shelter kitty named Clarence is still a kitten at heart, waiting for his forever home.

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+UniQueLyEviL+Jessica May

More cats are assholes.
Troll cat knows exactly what it's doing.
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This made me happy. 
I feel like all I need to say is that I found this on Tumblr.

Your daily dose of Deadpool #DailyDeadpool


I've been really enjoying collecting the new Spider Gwen series. I'm also enjoying where Fight Club 2 is going. #comics 

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If you attend +Otakon​ make sure to check out Otakon's Matsuri Festival, Thursday during badge pick up. Got time to kill? Come join us! Why would you pass up a FREE street festival? Check out the Facebook. #Otakon #Otakon2015 #MatsuriFestival 

So behind in television now that all I do is work, study, school and sleep. I miss a social life. I had just started gaining my social life back and now working full time and school full time has killed it. Catching up on #AgentCarter is the highlight of my day. 
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