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lol assassins creed 2 bug
November 26, 2012 (6 photos)
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No one be surprised if I disappear for about a week when Resident Evil 6 comes out.   #gamers  

So a fire station in Slidell nearly burns down?  #Irony

Barbie in Mexico?  Comes with a chihuahua and mexican dress?  Does she come with Ken in a sombrero?  #Racist

Seriously Walmart? Let's put the new girl in training at the speedy checkout! She'll definitely be fast! #wtf

So today I've seen a hot pink Hummer limo and a 350 lbs guy driving a Mazda Miata.. not sure if it tops old Asian woman in the hummer.. #UrDoinItWrong

Dear Walmart, why do you use your slowest, most elderly cashiers for "speedy checkout?". #facepalm

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More people get their car washed today while its raining than sunny. #MakesNoSense

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Anyone recognize them all? #infamous2
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