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Super excited about this panel that +Andrew Crow has put together. Vote for us, if you're so inclined :)
Vote now for our SXSW Panel!

"Designing for Context" with Ben Fullerton, +Karen McGrane, +Ryan Freitas, +nate bolt and me.

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Working with Lauren on this was amazing. She does incredible work.

Using a combination of texts, IMs and FB to make sure friends Oslo are ok after a terrorist attack. This may be the future, but all the edges seem to expose themselves when all you really want is to know that someone is safe.

For +Ben Tomassetti (and others who said they were interested) here's that excellent presentation that +Kevin Slavin did at Momo Amsterdam, "Reality Is Plenty, Thanks."

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So good.
I cannot imagine there's anyone following me that's not aware of Casanova, but you never know. Anyway, there's a 6pp preview here:

If you're about to hit that little +1 button (and really, why wouldn't you?) do me a favor and hit the "share" link, instead, yeah? I already know Matt's great, so help me spread the word. ^_^

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Google+ I love you, but I wish you'd stop calling this a "field trial" - real field trials involve more than a single candidate.

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Made a playlist of some garage rock and punk that I enjoy that has Nashville/Detroit influences, plus some nice dirty country-inspired songs. Love that Rdio.

Things about mobile devices that I've learned while having to use them with one hand while my infant son sleeps cradled on my other arm:

1. Typing out emails with one thumb is tedious. Spellcheck is overzealous and honestly requires more retyping than it saves.

2. Among mobile devices, the Kindle (I use a 3rd gen) has far and away best combination of weight and size for the single-handed user. On +Ted Rheingold's suggestion I've been reading "Brain Rules for Baby," which is utterly fascinating/fantastic.

3. Both the iPad and iPad 2 are still both too heavy to use with one hand over a lengthy period of time. Gestures suck when you have to put the device down to make the simplest thing happen (e.g. "next page" - thanks, Kindle!)

4. An open laptop on the couch beside you, with one hand free to hunt, peck and mouse around still tops most other devices for sheer functionality and ease of use. Which I think is kind of sad.

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BERG! Warren Ellis! THE FUTURE!

Just ordered mine. You should get yours before they sell out.
SVK - Products - BERG
SVK - Products - BERG

Someone should tell those poor Diaspora kids they can stop now.
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