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You need to read what they're saying here, this is important....So, if you're thinking you may be wondering what other ingredients aren't "technically ingredients", you just can't make this shit up!

Excerpt - Even before their removal, customers would not have found formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane listed on bottles because they aren’t technically ingredients.
Formaldehyde, which has been identified by government scientists as a carcinogen, is released over time by preservatives, like quaternium-15. And 1,4-dioxane, which has been linked to cancer in animal studies, is created during a process used to make other ingredients mild — important for a company that has sold billions of bottles of baby shampoo on its “No More Tears” claim.
Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo no longer contains two potentially harmful chemicals, formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, that have come under increasing scrutiny by consumers.
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Reminder to self, see if good ole Johnson & Johnson got around to taking out that carinogen from their Shampoo? 


JnJ "No-More-Eyes"
Barb Kueber originally shared:
Say Johnson and Johnson, that's great that you will take those cancer causing ingredients out of the baby care products this year.  Any reason you need to leave them in the adult "care products" until 2015??? 
I mean, I hope the adverse publicity you certainly don't seem to be getting just yet, is going to be murder on your bonuses. 
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Barb Kueber

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Another Public Service Announcement for Canadian Cannabis Patients....
Some of the pain management clinics are criminalizing cannabis patients.  Here's how they're abusing you now that you think they're caving to our hard won rights to access safe and non-addictive, non-harmful medicines.  So, they are renewing your useless MMAP license that could get access to one of Health Canada's star suppliers and all their medicine....oh do please take a moment to see the medicine my only legal supplier of medicine has for me, bearing in mind the cancer I pointed out a couple of years back....  I tried to order some medicine a couple of weeks ago and they offered some mediocre for $8.50 a gram, a whole 10 grams of it!!!  Holy crap 2 1/2 days of my prescribed medicine, plus shipping of course.  Anyway, where was I ? :) must be the POT!  So, what they're doing now is giving out 3 month licenses, at one place in Toronto, there could be more, and in order to renew, you have to pass a piss test, not only to prove you aren't a drug addict, (liquid drugs by far the most harmful excluded as always buttons up hypocrites) and to prove you are not diverting this harmful drug that of course has never caused a single death in 10,000 years. 
It's just heart-breaking to see what everyone's hard-work has brought us, CRIMINALIZED CARE!!  OH CANADA!!  Talk about BULLSHIT!!
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Barb Kueber

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Excerpt - Summary
Severe chronic pain may produce cardiac and adrenal complications which is referred to herein as “Cardiac-Adrenal-Pain Syndrome.” The presence of this syndrome should clearly signal to the practitioner that the patient’s pain is so severe as to over-stimulate the heart and adrenal glands to produce complications which may produce severe pathology and even death. Although there are sophisticated tests which may more clearly elucidate pain’s impact on the heart and adrenal glands, simple pulse rate, blood pressure, and an early morning assay of cortisol and pregnenolone can provide rapid, clinical identification of the syndrome. If it is present, aggressive measures must be taken to control the pain lest further complications as a result of pain itself, will develop. It may be necessary to use ancillary medications to lower elevated blood pressure or pulse rate in addition to supplementing hormone deficiencies.
This syndrome may produce complications not yet fully appreciated. There are few clinical conditions that produce chronic tachycardia. This complication may lead to a wide variety of cardiac disorders including angina, athecosclerosis, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, and sudden death. Abnormal glucocorticoid levels in excess or deficiency are known to produce, among other complications, profound impacts on the immune system and skeletal structure.
Due to the very serious ramifications of the cardiac-adrenal-pain syndrome, it is highly recommended that physicians test for blood pressure, pulse rate, and cortisol/pregnenolone levels in all chronic, severe pain patients and aggressively treat pain to ameliorate such complications.
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Excerpt - On March 2, Uganda's High Court will rule on a request by the country's Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) to stop the planned export of nearly 300 health workers to Trinidad and Tobago.1 The IPPR argues that the deal is “unconstitutional, irrational, illegal, un-ethical and contrary to both the national interest and public health policy.”
As part of a bilateral agreement, Trinidad and Tobago has been assisting Uganda to exploit recently discovered oil fields. In return, Trinidad and Tobago requested Ugandan health workers to fill gaps in its own health workforce, to which Uganda agreed.1 In the process of asking and agreeing, both countries have violated the 2010 WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Professionals and commitments under international human rights law.
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Barb Kueber

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Excerpt - Parents in California are distraught after losing their infant son after being vaccinated. He died in his sleep and was taken to the hospital already deceased. Hospital staff ruled his death as sudden infant death syndrome. The couple was told an autopsy was required to be performed on their son.
After returning home, waiting to get an update, they never received one. Numerous phone calls were made to get answers. Weeks went by. Finally, they received verbal confirmation and told their son was best not to be seen prior to being cremated, because of the condition he was in. Once cremated, they could pick up the remains of their child from the crematory. They were not given the chance to say their goodbyes.
Parents of a healthy five month-old baby boy are distraught after their son died less than two days after receiving eight vaccines in one well-baby visit.
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Barb Kueber

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Excerpt -
As of September, 2014, Johnson & Johnson had in excess of $33 BILLION in cash and short-term investments. Does anyone else think there is something wrong with giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a corporation with more than $33 BILLION while taxpayers are struggling to pay their mortgages and fuel bills? The high cost of healthcare is simple: Greed.
This isn't 'Corporate Welfare' or 'Subsidy' - this is blatant, out of control greed. However, as more Americans lose their homes to foreclosure and everything else in bankruptcy due to the high cost of healthcare eating up an ever-increasing portion of their paycheck they can no longer pay on bank debts, the banks will continue to sink since the loss of revenue from consumer bankruptcies and foreclosures will likely outpace the revenue gained in dividends from healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson.
Gee, wonder what's going to happen when investment bank executives realize the bleeding hole of bankruptcies and foreclosures are caused by corruption causing the astronomical rise in healthcare costs?
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Barb Kueber

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Excerpt - While those who die from Levaquin are permanently cured of all unmet medical needs, injuries such as chronic ruptured tendons requiring surgery and pharmaceuticals, add massive costs to healthcare system. However, Johnson & Johnson writes all the profit from the high rate of permanent injuries as 'profiit'.
Oh, wait, did you actually think Johnson & Johnson was paying the extreme costs of a lifetime of medical needs for the victims of Levaquin? Hah! Nope. Who do you really think is footing the bill for all these victims?

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"The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania is first and foremost a patient advocacy organization here to provide information to the public and work towards a future in which all seizures are controlled. As such, the EFEPA will answer the call of its constituents and defend the rights of patients and families to secure full access to physician directed treatment options, including medical marijuana. The EFEPA is proud to join the national Epilepsy Foundation  by urging physicians, legislators and the general public to consider the potentially life changing effect new and alternative treatments can offer. 30% of  individuals with epilepsy live with uncontrolled seizures and annually approximately 1 out of 1,000 people with epilepsy will die from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP.) Medical marijuana has the potential to save their lives. As such the Foundation believes that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) should end restrictions that limit clinical trials and research into medical marijuana for epilepsy."
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Barb Kueber

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Excerpt - Deconditioning Complications
Any area of the anatomic body that experiences severe persistent pain will soon “decondition.” This area will cease normal, symmetric, coordinated movement, and the patient will simply self-splint, immobilize, and decondition the area. This leads to a number of complications including muscle atrophy, neuropathies, and in late stages, contractures. Muscle, nerve, and joint weakness, and deterioration result. It is not uncommon to see the patient with severe, uncontrolled pain progressively deteriorate due to muscle atrophy and contractures and go from cane to walker to wheelchair.
An unappreciated complication of deconditioning and immobility is obesity. Excess weight may further overload a painful, deconditioned anatomical site.
A single painful location on the body soon begets some others. Much of this is the “overload and overuse syndrome.” To make up for a weak, painful area, joints, nerves, and muscles elsewhere in the anatomy will attempt to compensate and work overtime. Unfortunately, chronic overuse and overload may lead to tissue degeneration at secondary pain sites causing arthropathies, myopathies and neuropathies. Pain patients sometimes develop a more painful secondary site than the primary site. The astute practitioner can often observe physical evidence of overuse, overload, and self-splinting such as the presence of hypertrophy of paraspinal or neck muscles, unilateral furrows of the brow in the persistent headache patient, and calluses on the foot in the patient with back, hip, or leg pains.
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+Vasu Jayaprasad
guess he got that one wrong

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Excerpt - In December, 2014, antibiotics were detected in residents' tap water and China's major rivers.1 Antibiotic pollution has become a serious public health problem in China.2, 3 Two antibiotics (amoxicillin [8 ng/L] and 6-aminopenicilanic acid [19 ng/L]) were found in tap water samples randomly collected in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Six antibiotics were also found in tap water in cities of Anhui Province.1 Antibiotics were found in major rivers, including the Yangtze River and Pearl River. 68 antibiotics, at high concentrations, were found in surface water.2 While antibiotic concentrations found in the Pearl River were as high as 1080 ng/L,2 these are usually lower than 20 ng/L in rivers in the USA,4 France, and the UK.5
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In addition to the almost 7 billions of humans being used in experiments......Vital research like, vivisection, that's live disection without pain management to see how many Mars bars will kill a bunny rabbit or how long it takes to make it blind after they pour detergents in their eyes, that sort of important stuff
Excerpt - The results showed that the use of animals in research at these facilities rose nearly 73 percent from 1997 to 2012, mainly due to increases in the use of mice. There were declines in the use of cats, dogs, primates, rabbits, hamsters and other larger mammals.
Unregulated species -- mice, rats, birds bred for experimentation, and cold-blooded creatures -- accounted for nearly 99 percent of the animals used in the labs, according to the study published online Feb. 25 in the Journal of Medical Ethics.
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We have to end these people.
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I'm an advocate for change who is hopeful for a better future filled with peace instead of war, health instead of sickness, a safe and healthy environment with an end to environmental genocide.  Supporting freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and a true democracy.  Striving to help make a difference for a brighter future for everyone.  It is your life.  Please have your say, stand up and be counted.  This is OUR HOUSE, so let's take it back.  Together we can win against the Banksters and Corporate criminals in control of our world.
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