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Battery re-mount
The latest task on the e-bike was moving the battery pack
from its temporary home on the back carrier, in a dodgy shoe box, to being
properly mounted in the frame. Having the batteries on the back carrier is
problematic because it shifts the centre of gravi...

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Battery disasters
Long time between posts - mostly because I've spent the last couple of months struggling away trying to get the battery pack working properly. In classic Stu fashion, I designed the pack without properly consulting the wealth of information online, and figu...

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Component sourcing
Been a bit of a long time between blogs, as I've been held back waiting for my next batch of components to arrive. I've had on order from MXUS , my supplier in China: - A motor - Controller - Accessories (throttles, e-brakes, displays, etc.) And from T-Whit...

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Battery charging circuitry part 2 - Relay driver & protection
To get the relays to automagically energise on connection with the battery charger, a small switching circuit needed to be drafted up.  Below is the switching schematic, jiggled around a bit for simulation. There's probably no point getting too carried away...

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Battery charging circuitry part 1
Because the battery voltages in the e-bike are going to be around the 44-50V range, buying a charger/power supply to charge this thing is likely to be expensive.* So after consulting my semi-partner in crime Jared at work, we came up with an idea to upon co...

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Bike frame
Behold, the Leichtsport "Senori". This will provide the skeleton for the build. One of the main requirements for the bike build was not having to need to change clothes to ride the thing. Hence, I made sure the bike had a step-through frame, and a chain gua...

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Battery testing
Here are the 42 battery cells I'm re-homing from the scrap pile at work. They're 4,400 mAh, 3.7V, Li-Ion batteries, with a protection circuit built in. They're not the fanciest battery in the world, but at the price I got them at (free), they're pretty unbe...

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Jenna's bike
It's been awhile since I've posted anything on here. Been too darn busy releasing records with my pals in Proton Beast , and Anthonie Tonnon and the Successors . Somewhere in there I also built a TR-808 drum machine , but since it was just from a kit I didn...

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Juno 106 fix-up!

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Juno 106 repair
So a while ago I found myself in the possession of a faulty Roland Juno-106 synthesizer. For those not in the know, they're a somewhat iconic 80's synth. It's been sitting around my place for awhile now, and I decided it was time to fix it.

Fortunately for...
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