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Jim Crosby
Freelance dog guy, dog attack expert, and advocate for fair and equitable dangerous dog legislation.
Freelance dog guy, dog attack expert, and advocate for fair and equitable dangerous dog legislation.
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Who we are, and who we are not.
As trainers and behavior consultants we try to be everything to everyone. If they have an animal, and they reach out for help - or even show interest - we try to be that resource. Obedience, house training, barking, puppy socialization, aggression and bitin...

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Demon possessed dogs vs. Behavioral Science.
Warren Ellis once said "Don't summon anything that you can't banish." He was referring to demons of various types, mostly supernatural, but summoning demons of any sort can be a real problem. In the usual stories they cause massive problems, and they don't ...

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Long time gone...but renewed perspective.
To start off, you don't want to hear excuses about why this has taken so long to get back to. Changes in status, work, and other commitments are only interesting when the subject is a celebrity, which I am not. See TMZ for those who are. To start, yes, I ha...

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I just returned from a trip outside the “contiguous 50” to assist on a Federal investigation. I had not been to this location before, and there is a language difference, so the world temporarily took on a sense of “almost but not quite completely different”...

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Force, prisons, and training. Salvation or perpetuation of the status quo?
I have been watching the developing stories from California about the incident where Cesar Milan seems to have placed an animal aggressive dog and pigs in close proximity without adequate safety measures. The situation is predictably, and avoidably, stressf...

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Training methods, collateral damage and don't summon what you can't banish.
In the last 24 hours international interest has focused on a well known trainer and methods they use because of needless injury to an animal by a dog with a history of violence toward livestock. This reminded me of something written by Warren Ellis (the Eng...

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Do you and your dog resonate?
Humans and dogs give and take. Sometimes this giving and taking is in sync, it is resonant. The two parties, you and your dog, are part of a moving, fluid giving and taking. You move, act, feel together. Neither of you is really leading the walk or activity...

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Learned helpless: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!
I’m certain you have seen it - the dog that immediately cowers in front of anyone and anything. He seems to be calling out “I’m pitiful-pet me!” This is often accompanied by urinating a little and behavior that, in a human, we would see as clear groveling. ...

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Yes. What Ike said. War is not a video game, and those who have stood in those shoes know that. 

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Predicting/preventing the future.
 I love to look outside the four walls of dog training and behavior to see what else is happening in the world. I was listening to a podcast that featured an interview with Marina Abramovic, a performance artist, and she made the following comment that real...
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