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John “JohnO” O'Halloran
The random musings of a SF Fan and Taiko Player.
The random musings of a SF Fan and Taiko Player.

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I have read the rules and I accept.
Agent: JOHalloran
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San Francisco, US

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Best power source for those mission and hack days!

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Hi all!

Thanks to JC for connecting me to the group.

AGENT NAME: johalloran
AREA[S] OF PLAY: North Fremont and SF/ATT Park.

The Trekker badge is bogus as I've been doing drive by hacking as I commute on Bart & Muni.


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Consonance 2016 starts in just 5 days!

The SF Bay Area’s only Filk Convention.

Featuring Concerts, Workshops, Drum Circle and all night filking.

Program grid is posted here:

This year’s Guests are:

Guests of Honor: Cheshire Moon
Cheshire Moon is the fanciful collaboration of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and
crazed magician Eric Coleman.

International Interfilk Guest: Jela Schmidt
While she comes across as a quiet and serene person at first,
it does usually not take long until she dishes out her first unexpected
spot-on pun in a fun conversation. I tell you, she can pun in BOTH languages, it is scary

Special Guest: Kathleen Sloan
She tapes concerts and open filks, and craftily uses these tapes to mine
for the very best songs, which she learns and performs, spreading
filk gems throughout the community.

Toastmaster: Tim Griffin
Tim taught grades K-5for eighteen years, while writing and performing
fun educational music on the side. Over the years, the music grew into
a second full-time job.

Consonance 2016 and just 2 weeks away!

The hotel has extended the deadline to reserve a room at the convention rates to MARCH 4th. Yes, you can reserve a room at the con rate, the day the convention starts!

Call the Crowne Plaza main reservations at (888) 233-9527
Reserve your room(s) at the Crowne Plaza Silicon Valley
and mention Consonance as the group.

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Well deserved Kevin Roche.
It's taken a little while, but we wanted to make sure we got it right.
SFSFC (the parent organization of San Jose in 2018) has chosen our convention chair, should we win the 76th Worldcon. Congratulations to Kevin Roche!

For more information, please see our press release.

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Whoo Hoo.  Great promotion for my friends.

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Convolution 2015's special room rate of $126/night at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport is now open for reservations!

That rate includes free parking and internet, and is available not just for our convention dates of October 2-4, but for an additional day on both ends in case you'd like to hang out a little longer.

Check our page for more details!

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Consonance is just 1 day away...errr...

Consonance STARTS TODAY!

See the web site for our full program, but I'd like to point out that we have great workshops & panels scheduled.


Filking With FAWM
Meet some FAWM filkers, hear some FAWM filks, and learn more about February Album Writing Month as a tool for songwriting and a community for filking.

What Hooked You?
How did you get into filk? What kind of filk activities do you engage in, and where and with whom do you do them? What aspects of filk and filking mean the most to you? Are you a face-to-face kind of filker, or do you prefer online activity?  Explore the culture, history, and future of filk while helping Sally with her academic research.

Filk Chorus
Come join your fellow filkers in making beautiful vocal music together! Rehearsal Saturday morning, performance Sunday.

SUNDAY Morning

Tim Needs Your Songs
When he isn't filking, Tim Griffin runs an award-winning educational nonprofit that uses music to teach kids about science, math, history, and everything else that's K-8. Besides his own songs, Tim is always looking (and pays royalties!) for other filkers' work. If you're a songwriter, come learn how you can help GriffinEd save American education and make a little money doing it.

Backing Track Tips and Tricks
Sometimes you need a backup that's a little more portable than an orchestra and a little more cooperative than your cats. But how do you get started recording backing tracks? Isn't it just like recording a song?

One Shots and Responses
Participants will perform a song and receive supportive and constructive feedback from our Guests of Honor.
While only a limited number of slots are available for performers, the class is open to all who wish sit in. Signup at the information desk Friday and Saturday.

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Consonance is in just 3 days.

Meet our Toastmaster:  Jim Partridge

From the bio page of Brass Farthing, set your drinks down first...

Jim Partridge has been one of the regular suspects committing folk music in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for many years now. He can be found at the Hyde St. Pier singing sea songs and shanties, and trolling the docks of San Francisco in search of his other band mates, The Roving Tars, who by they’re very nature, are roving. Approach Mr Partridge with extreme caution, as he has been known to harmonize with complete strangers with no provocation whatsoever.

Jimmy Twitcher — Or Jack Twitcher. Or Johnny Twitch. Different people get different names. Mr Twitcher is back from being an involuntary guest of Her Majesty in Van Diemen’s Land. Details on how this was accomplished are . . . sketchy. There was a gold mine involved . . . again, details are sketchy, and a search of Her Majesty’s Land Patent Office in Queensland reveals no variation of any of the above names in rightful possession of any gold mine . . . or any gold for that matter. Nonetheless, Mr Twitcher – if that’s his real name – has become a man of means in these latter years, even if the source of those means are not clear. He is infinitely obliged that those of you with . . . official connexions to Her Majesty’s Government have not pursued this matter.
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