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Photography is the suspension of self.
Photography is the suspension of self.

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3D Printed Ice Scraper in action… here's the design for all my compatriots in snow covered New England:

Anyone have experience migrating from iOS to other platforms? Specifically - how have you dealt with your music library? I'm interested in moving to other devices. 

+Joe Scalise , didja get your stuff? 

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+Paul Irish, don't know if you're still interested in usability in Japan but here's an interesting article along the same vein as your presentation years ago:

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Do you have as many loose batteries as me? I have like a zillion AAs kicking around, I never know which are good and which are bad, and I usually leave them in the blister packs - which are ugly and fall apart.

So, I designed this battery organizer. I have no idea why there aren't very many good battery organizers out there. Plus, you can customize the color on it too!

This one is for AAs. It'll hold sixteen batteries, can be mounted to a wall, and can be stacked on top of other holders. I'm working on a AAA and C design as well. Check it out!

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This weekend I received an honorable mention in the 2013 international Spider Awards for my black and white photographic work. I received my second and third Spider Award nominations as well, in the category of "abstract," out of 9,456 entries. There is a press release from the Spider Awards available on my website, just follow the link!

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My first-ever cinemagraph. I'd love to add more visual effects but optimizing this stuff is surprisingly tricky. This is nearly a 10mb gif - you may need to wait for it to load. 
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This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a while… the amplituhedron.

I'm sure +Myles Forrest +Joe Scalise and +Dan Thiffault remember the old boston days. Mudge tells some stories about his days since LØpht. +Adam Augusta  will also enjoy for sure. 

DEF CON 21 Presentation By Mudge - Unexpected Stories From a Hacker Inside the Government
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