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Jim Thomason
Husband, father and values-oriented Human Resources Professional
Husband, father and values-oriented Human Resources Professional

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Employer Response to Feb 17 General Strike
If you are an employer and have employees participating in today's called General Strike here are a few tips.  The demands of the General Strike are not employment related: they are political and are not about to your workplace's specific terms and conditio...

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I Feel LIke I Owe It To Someone: A Blog Reboot
A dear friend of mine used to keep a cartoon taped to his office window. One dog was talking to another saying, "I used to blog, but then I just went back to howling at the moon."  In May of 2015 I posted on this site that I was taking a break from blogging...

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Updated my headshot to replace the old one taken from back in the Thomas Nelson days. Time to put the last vestige of that part of my career to rest.

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Taking a Break from Blogging
One day I looked up and I had only posted twice since April of 2014.  The reason is simple: it no longer feels safe.  The number of Trolls looking to make a huge deal of social media missteps has grown exponentially since I first began blogging.  The number...

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DOL Issues Final Rule on FMLA and Same Sex/Common Law Couples
Since July of 2014 the Department of Labor has been soliciting public comments on proposed rule changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regarding same-sex and common-law marriages.  It recently announced that the Final Rules have been written and...

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Clock Watching Must Die
I am coming up on my second anniversary working 100% virtual as a remote and travelling consultant.  Honestly I have never been more productive or effective than I am right now.  I also can't remember the last time I worried two seconds about whether or not...

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Don't Elect COBRA! Buy Exchange Coverage
One of the little-talked-about benefits of the Affordable Care Act's Insurance Marketplace is that people who lose their health coverage during the year become eligible to sign-up.  The same COBRA qualifying events that make you eligible to elect COBRA also...

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How to Construct Great Interview Questions
Interviews are possibly the most important thing a manager will do.  Hiring the right people, and keeping the wrong fit out, is one cornerstone of good performance for the whole team.  A poor contributor, or poor attitude, or both will drag down a whole tea...

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My Opinion: Plan Now to Discontinue Executive Benefits Next Renewal
Part of my first-year's learning in Senior Living has been discovering that some communities, even with small workforces, have special benefits for their management teams.  This will become problematic and potentially cause employers to pay penalties once t...

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Wait Just a Minute: the Affordable Care Act May Work
The withering criticism of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") has led many to believe that it is a disaster, that it will never work, etc...  If you only watch conservative television or listen to conservative talk radio and politicians then you might be...
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