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Negotiating by Telephone & Email - The Challenges and Practical Solutions
Increasingly negotiations are taking place through channels other than face-to-face meetings.  Sometimes certain sections or parts of the negotiation will take place via telephone or email and in some cases the entire negotiation will take place in this way...

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What Is Adaptive Selling & Why Is It Important To Your Sales Success?
In the past,
salespeople were often trained to follow a very standard “one size fits all”
sales presentation or sales script.  The
idea being that the standard presentation or script contained tried and tested
selling techniques that would persuade the pros...

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You Must Read This Sales Article Because You Will Never Have to Queue in Line Again
In a legendary experiment, social psychologist Ellen Langer sent students to jump the queue to use a university library Xerox photocopying machine. Students who made a request only, "May I use the Xerox machine?" were allowed to go in front of the person wh...

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Guest Post: 7 Top Tips For Getting the Most From Your Learning By Darren A Smith
Here is a guest blog post from Darren Smith on a subject
very close to my heart – how to maximise your learning! We’ve all been there, attended a one day training course,
given a glowing evaluation at the end of the day and skipped out of the
training room ...

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So How Do You Get People To Say "Yes" To Your Sales Proposals?
just how do you get people to say ‘yes’ to your sales proposals or
presentations?  The
field of psychology informs us that people are primarily motivated to take
action by two factors. They
are motivated to avoid pain and discomfort or to gain pleasure a...

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Brain Friendly Selling Tips #6: Certainty & Credibility
Your customer’s brain likes
certainty.  At a deep level the primitive
part of their brain links certainty to survival.  100,000 years ago the more certain your
environment was, the safer it was. 
Uncertainty felt like a threat to survival.  Fast forward 100...

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Brain Friendly Selling Tips #5: Concrete
I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.” Albert Einstein One
of the challenges that many organisations face is the transition that their
salespeople must make from transactional selling to consultative or solution
selling.  Due to the competitive nat...

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Powerful Negotiation Questions
Research shows that effective negotiators gather
more information than they give. This is not because they are withholding information, rather it is because they
focus on the importance of getting inside the other person's head,
understanding their needs an...

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Brain Friendly Selling Tips #4: Contrast
This is the fourth in a series of articles about several powerful “brain friendly selling” principles that you can incorporate into the structure and content of your sales pitch to make them more effective.  The fourth principle is the concept of "contrast"...

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How Do I Get More Sales Referrals?
Every single customer you have can be a useful source of
referrals. You can use your satisfied customers to introduce you to their
contacts and network. Customers who have benefited from your product or service
are usually more than happy to refer you to th...
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