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Minal Arora
Past Life Regression & SS Therapist & Trainer, Jewelry Designer
Past Life Regression & SS Therapist & Trainer, Jewelry Designer

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Serenity Surrender (SS) Dec Retreat in Beaver Golden Fields, Pune 
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Retreat Dec 2014 - Pune 
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Being human brings us relationships, life situations, money, work and our good & bad experiences through each. We all have desires that remain unfulfilled or relationships that we fear losing or that inherent search for love/ success / growth or maybe even god.

The key to seeing beyond the evident is to be able to know what lies in our sub-conscious mind. The vibrations we sent out from our sub-conscious needs / desires / limitations & fears are actually what create our physical life. This why inspite of wanting we don't get certain things, inspite of putting the right effort we don't see the results, inspite of our ability to love we feel unloved or we attract undesirable situations / people too.

It's time to go beyond the obvious and explore what you never understood and yet it creates and destroys your experiences every moment. Fond your connection with the divine source to be able to heal your unresolved past, to get rid of sub-conscious blockages, to free your soul of the burden it carries from past lives and beyond.

Join Minal Arora to explore the unknown secrets of the cosmic universe and find deep underlying truths of your own sub-conscious that stop you from getting whatever you want!

Serenity Surrender(SS) is a new age holistic healing modality that has answers to all of these concerns & more. The 3 day SS workshops are life transforming in every way and it's an investment in your soul which will bring you returns for lifetimes to come.

You can use SS to deal with

1. Relationship Issues
2. Money Blockages
3. Growth Blocks
4. Physical Diseases
5.Fears & Phobias
6. Growth / Success Blocks
7. Overcome depression 
8. To speed up your spiritual journey
9. To find your soulmate
10. To explore your life purpose

For more details on the workshop, watch

To read more, visit and

Duration: 3 Days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Dates -  10 - 12 Oct 2014, Jaipur

Fee: 16,500 INR for 3 days (including course material & meals)

For enrollment or further questions, please send an email at

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My Book is now live of flipkart and amazon

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