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By Skill Not Force
By Skill Not Force

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Weary travelers looking to get some solid rest and relaxation love to put the Do Not Disturb sign on their hotel doors before settling in for the night. But some hotel chains are no longer allowing the signs, in response to security concerns about rooms…
Saying Goodbye to “Do Not Disturb” Signs
Saying Goodbye to “Do Not Disturb” Signs
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In addition to our protection services, we also give you the ability to meet requirements under the law to carry and use firearms.

NRA Basic Pistol Course
This 10-hour course, which is ideal for those who want or need live fire training, meets the CO, WY and FL concealed handgun permit training requirements.

The NRA Basic Pistol Course focuses on the fundamentals and is a great starting place for new shooters. Five hours of instruction takes place in the classroom. The other five take place at during fire range and handgun cleaning instruction.

Students will learn the rules for safe gun handling, revolver and semi-auto parts and operation, the components of ammunition, marksmanship, range rules and different shooting positions.

The course is held on two days, usually a Saturday and Sunday.

Concealed Carry Permit Class
The Concealed Carry Permit Class, which meets the CO, WY and FL concealed handgun permit training requirements, is an intense four-hour comprehensive review of handgun safety and concealed carry law. This class is designed for all levels of shooters. Beginners or individuals who have never shot a gun before should talk with us about supplemental live fire training.

We teach this class because we recognize that many of our students come into class with a great deal of previous firearms experience. Some class providers will lump everyone together and ignore the previous experience of their students. This is not our approach.

Our class includes discussion on the laws for concealed carry and the use of deadly force. This class stresses the responsibilities of the concealed carry permit holder, pistol techniques and different carrying methods.

Completion of this class will give the student a certificate necessary when applying for a concealed carry permit.

New shooters are welcome to attend, but are encouraged to seek live fire training and/or practice with an instructor or experienced family member.

Private Range Instruction
Private range instruction is a good supplement to the Basic Concealed Handgun Class. There is no waiting in line for your turn to shoot in this one-on-one setting. Private range instruction is done in a fun, comfortable and supportive environment.

Instruction aims to diagnose and correct shooting errors while emphasizing safety. We we believe in providing a supportive environment so we never yell at students. WE ARE NOT DRILL INSTRUCTORS!

Instruction varies, depending on a shooter’s experience. We teach basic, intermediate and advanced techniques. Tactical pistol training is available upon request.

Some of our past students include:

First-time shooters
Former Military

NRA Basic Rifle Course
The NRA Basic Rifle Course teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe use of a rifle in target shooting. This approximately 14-hour course includes classroom and range time rifle instruction.

Students learn NRA’s rules for the following:

Continued Opportunities for Skill Development
Range Rules
Rifle Parts and Preparation
Safe Gun Handling
Shooting from the Bench Rest, Prone, Sitting, Standing and Kneeling Positions
Shooting Fundamentals

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This is the range portion of the Armed Security Officer course. Students are required to bring their firearm (caliber size between .880 and .45), holster, duty belt, 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing protection and eye protection.

Training will include education in

Communication Skills
Crowd Control
Ethics and Legal Issues
Emergency Situation Training
Health & Safety
Legal Use of Force
Detainment of Suspects
Report Writing
The armed security personnel will also train and can be certified to carry a firearm in the state of Colorado.

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The Conductive Energy Weapon course instructs the user on the proper deployment of the CEW and other important information.

This course includes:

Characteristics and Capabilities
Equipment Maintenance
Health Effects and Precautions
How/Why CEW Impacts the Recipient
Operational Safety Principles and Procedures
This course is required for the usage of CEW flashlights.

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This course is approved by the City of Colorado Springs and must be completed in order to be licensed as an Armed Security Officer. An officer will be certified in accordance with the requirements, standards and laws put forth by the city.

Training includes:

Criminal Procedure Law
Emergency Procedures
Firearm Safety
Legal Aspects of Firearm Use
Marksmanship Fundamentals
Operation and Maintenance
Qualification and Examination
Range Instruction
State and Local Codes and Ordinances
Related to Weapons and Use of Force
Use of Physical and Deadly Force
Weapons Handling
The classroom portion of this class is taught on Saturday. No ammunition is permitted in the classroom.

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This course is approved by Colorado Springs, and must be completed in order to receive an Unarmed Security Officer License. It was developed to certify the officer in accordance with the requirements, standards and laws put forth by the city.

This course covers:

Crime Scene Security
Emergency Response Procedures
Federal, State and Local Laws, Codes and Ordinances
Observation and Incident Reporting
Preservation of Evidence
Principles of Communication
Professional Conduct and Ethics
Roles and Duties of a Private Security Officer
Use of Force/Defense Tactics
Applicants can also take the handcuffing course and/or the OC course for an additional cost.

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ITUS Security Agency offers their clients the best protection in the industry. We offer regular Training courses to ensure we stay the best and keep our agents sharp and alert.

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Whether you are looking to begin a career in the security field, or are expanding your certification, our business offers training and certification in basic security, armed security, conductive energy weapon (CEW) and oleoresin capsicum (OC).

Training is conducted by instructors with real world experience who are certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Taser and the City of Colorado Springs.

Advanced training, beyond the aforementioned, is offered to those who already hold certification.

The specialized courses for Colorado Springs security officers are taught depending on demand, but not more than twice per month.

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ITUS Security Agency understands unarmed security officers are important in areas where there needs to be constant monitoring but where the presence of an armed guard might cause unnecessary distress. Certain events, clubs and occasions such as weddings require a manned presence but not in an intrusive manner.

In most cases, you will never see an armed guard there, however, that does not mean that anyone can do just about anything. ITUS security services have been at the core of securing those public places while helping people at the same time.

If you need unarmed security guard services, look no further.

At ITUS, our unarmed security guards patrol the premises and report to the our Management or the appropriate authorities if there is any criminal activity, and they enforce regulations in the area assigned to them.

They also restrain violators if they become violent. But basic security work aside, you will also find unarmed guards helping people by doing CPR if they do have a faint spell, and letting them out in case they are locked in. They also help police with crowd control.

All these responsibilities tell you that an unarmed guard does a lot of the work that an armed security guard does, except that they do not carry a gun.

ITUS Security Agency provides quality unarmed and armed security Officers & patrol services. Our experienced management team can provide a detailed risk-free consultation and quote for any security services that you may need. Through a no obligation consultation, we will be able to determine your exact needs and specifications. Each and every assignment we undertake will have custom written post instructions prepared. No two assignments are ever alike and we treat each and every valued client individually, based on their specific needs. With this approach, we can assure the highest quality of service to every valued client.
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ITUS Security provide armed guards carefully selected, screened, with a clean ‘No criminal history’ CO background checks, or National checks if needed, firing range qualified annually as the minimum, and trained for the standards of specific posts they will work. Additionally, we schedule armed security guards with the proper background experience of actually using force and or verbal communication in confronting violent suspects. When detainment is required, proper techniques in using handcuffs is part of the training. Another concern, is the guards being physically fit for successful incident response and the ability to retain the firearm from a criminal attempt to take the firearm from the Guard. These and other concerns are important, so the armed guards will have the ability to protect property and people from criminal suspects, and the guards will know proper safety of handling the firearm in the event of an incident.

We have various special training for our armed guards, while often we recruit staff formerly trained by U.S.A. Military service, to include staff who are current Military Reserve status, which includes mandatory random drug screening, first aid certification annually, annual firearms qualification, some with secret clearances, and required fitness training and standards. Also with firearms training, we use a variety of classes like basic NRA classes, special combat range time qualifications, and more – by certified NRA instructors. Also, we select prior Law Enforcement, who have experience worked as Police Officers, and or Corrections. You are always guaranteed the highest quality of professional with ITUS Security Services dependent on your specific needs.

ITUS Security Agency is the smart choice to secure any facility, anytime in any location. We are a well-recognized security industry leader in Colorado by maintaining security standards, and keeping businesses and communities safe. We will make sure to provide your business with the highest qualified and most experienced security officers in the industry in order to assure your ultimate satisfaction and safety.

We often serve situations that are unusual to most so please contact us for more information and a custom proposal tailored to your needs. We are confident we can provide you the protection you need for any situation given our background and with over 30 years of experience behind us giving us insight to any potential incidents that may happen.
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