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Father, geek, football coach.
Father, geek, football coach.

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I finally got around to deleting my Yahoo! account which I first had in the late 90s.
With the security problems over the last year or so and no longer being able to use POP3 (to pop the email into my Gmail account) on a free plan there was simply no reason to keep it on.
Back around 2000 "My Yahoo" was my homepage on the web and they were a leader.
They mismanaged it all away...!#Decline.2C_security_breaches.2C_Verizon_purchase

Account Deletion Help page here:

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Mother's Day @ Granny Pam's

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Chinatown in (that) London. 

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Man who kills in order to create terror and division succeeds in creating terror and division

Awful news in London and so sorry for those killed and injured.
It's understandable that we are outraged and shocked - it was an outrageous and shocking act.
But the level of ignorance and misdirected anger we can witness through posts on social media calling for the closure of borders and the rounding up of Muslims gives an insight the problems we face.
- see example links below.

Ch4 News (@Channel4News - doing a good job of covering this story right now) is reporting the attacker was Abu Izzadeen, a British born man:

Abu Izzadeen was a British citizen born on 18 April 1975 in Hackney, east London, to a family originally from Jamaica. Brooks converted to Islam the day before he turned 18, on 17 April 1993, changing his name to Omar, but preferring to be called Abu Izadeen. He is fluent in Arabic.

who has a criminal record for terrorism related offences.
There are plenty of things to be concerned about (surveillance, prison/release) and I expect the forthcoming investigations and reports will uncover some unpleasant truths and possibly trigger some changes.

We know these acts are committed by people who wish to provoke a "holy war" and divide us along religious and racial lines.

None of this seems to matter to a large number of people amongst us who allow themselves to be manipulated into a reaction (i.e. to be terrorised) in exactly the way the criminal/terrorist wants.

Read the comments on this post (The page on FB is a good barometer for how a lot of people think)

and also read the comments on the various posts on The Daily Mail's (The Uk's 2nd most popular paper) posts on this today, e.g.

Multiple calls to "close the borders" and to "round up all Muslims".
Predictable yet still shocking.
How do we overcome this ignorance?
These people are so easy to manipulate and provide a platform to the authoritarians and fascists.

Dominic Casciani‏Verified account @BBCDomC 44m44 minutes ago
Confirmed from multiple sources - official and community - that Trevor Brooks NOT attacker. He's still in jail despite what others report.

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It's snowing it Scotchland (nr Dunfermline).

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Eskimo boy: What's for dinner?
Mum: Vera Lynn
Boy: oh no... not whale meet again. 

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Stopped en route to Fife.

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