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A great start to building Circles with business Brand Pages on Google+. +1
For everyone who's begun to Circle business Brand Pages, here is a collection of 255 businesses. As more of us add profiles for our own business, please share in the comments. Thx.

Now, if we can just get Google+ to turn-on shared Circles for Brand Pages. Would like to port some of the Circles from my original Google+ profile to my business persona. +Robert Scoble +Kevin D Chhiv +Tris Hussey +Cam Meadows +Tiffany Monhollon +John Yates +Carter Gibson +Louis Gray +Harris Sontanu +Elysa Rice +Tomislav Savov +Christopher Carfi

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Employing Microformats & Structured Data For Enhanced Search Engine Visibility is a great post from +Aaron Bradley on using microformats to enable data for greater semantic value.
My latest article on Search Engine Land.

I can provide a précis of my main point if you're adverse to reading long posts: while the search engines and most commentators insist that the primary value of employing structured data (chiefly in the form of structured markup) is better search visibility through the generation of rich snippets, I suggest that the better understanding (at least potentially) that the search engines can garner as a result of these data might favorably impact search visibility on a broader basis.

A précis of my précis: structured data can have an impact on search engine rankings.

What do think? Heresy, or am I onto something?

A note that my title was changed to include "microformats". Not complaining about the editorial decision here (most SEOs tend to "get" microformats more than the other formats), but for the record it would be the least likely call-out I'd make for the different syntaxes I discuss. With this title construction I would have used mircodata in place of microformats. :)

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+Robert Visser's post Communicating with Search Engines | Get Top Ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing provides 10 easy to follow guidelines for setting up Webmaster Tools, uploading XML sitemaps, etc.

It's a best practice to build better communications with search engines -- the purpose is, of course, to enable a successful search matrices -- to be found.
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