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Just posting some pics of the family's new ink.
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Interesting and short article on implementing DI without a framework.

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OK, I figured I'd give Google+ a try and see if I enjoy it.

So, sharing news...I've always enjoyed hockey and always wanted to learn to ice skate and play. Growing up in BFE, Arkansas, this dream was crushed before I was old enough to know what ice actually was.

I am way too old and way too out of shape to have a career as a professional hockey player BUT the wife and I took ice skating lessons this past November.

I found I really did enjoy it as much as I thought I would and barring December last year (where we didn't do really anything else but family stuff, much less skate), we started skating several times a week.

Then I discovered they had two different classes of beer league hockey and for those like me, an Instructional Hockey League session meets every Tuesday. Still, a month on the ice did not make me think that I would be able to keep up with the IHL, much less play in a league. My solution, take another 6 week skating class, in this case, adult hockey skating 101.

As an aside, the instructor's name was Misha and he was like a blast from my childhood. His Russian accent is so heavy it's hard to understand him sometimes, he's played hockey his entire life cause that's what you do in Russia apparently and he was a Russian Olympic figure skater. It was like being taught hockey skating skills lessons from a jovial bond villain.

After week four, he was telling me to just get my gear and start going to the IHL classes on Tuesday nights. I had my doubts, I mean, we had gone one Friday night to watch the beer league games and I'd seen those guys play. In the end, I picked up all my gear by the end of February and on my birthday I went to my first IHL session. HOLY CRAP was I slow. And could barely hang onto the puck even if I was barely moving. And confused by the drills. And couldn't start, stop, turn, shoot, pass, or anything else. LOL

I did, however, LOVE it!! I had to skip week 3 due to illness but I was back at it this past Tuesday and I'm getting better by leaps and bounds. I won't be ready to play in the beer league that starts its spring season next weekend but by the time the summer season starts, I am determined to be able to keep up with these guys.

OK, so, I won't be an NHL all-star and retire from a brilliant career with independent wealth, but I AM getting to live the childhood dream. How many people can say that??
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