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Oh my god just look at me, grandpa been hackin' since '93.
Oh my god just look at me, grandpa been hackin' since '93.
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Server maintenance procedures, a wiki-like "How To Not Get Your Throat Slit Coming Through Airports for the post-Cold War Generation" article, and confirmation that the CIA followed the 9/11 report's advice and shared its techniques and info with other executive branch TLAs.
#Vault7 contains nothing but tradecraft triviata that we either suspected or already knew. The most unexpected, and yet altogether mundane, 'revelation' is that the NSA buys tools developed by other Five Eyes allies. One particular section highlights where each tool used by the CIA for digital compromises originates, and one of them was written by GCHQ bought by the NSA and provided to the CIA. But that piece of titillation is hardly unexpected either. We already knew of Five Eyes and how they use each others agencies to spy on their own citizens. So it is not a major reveal. It is just the CIA doing CIA things.

So what IS news in this release?

The fact that #Wikileaks had this data for many months, hyped it in the run up to the inauguration, and then only released it at the EXACT SAME TIME that Trump is in some major trouble.

The CIA will naturally be in panic mode today. The CIA knows that Wikileaks is compromised and partisan, as Wikileaks engineered handing Snowden over to Putin, and they also colluded with Roger Stone and the Trump campaign for last year's timing of the Clinton Email leaks, and now they have released lists of server IP addresses for EVERY clandestine the CIA has.
The CIA will be working on the implicit understanding that the Russians have had this information for months and will consider their entire network compromised.
And this frantic scramble within the agency to undo the damage is happening at the EXACT SAME TIME they will be asked to provide information and analyses on Trump-Russia collusion.

The timing of the #Vault7 release is all far too convenient, just like the recent string of deaths of Russians named or implicated by the #SteeleDossier.

Unless you have thoroughly drank the #Wikileaks Kool-Aid, they are absolutely not to be trusted, even when the information they are leaking is entirely accurate.
It is not only the leaked information itself, but also how and when the information is released that is a #propaganda tool for Putin's ideological War on the West.
And #Wikileaks is firmly on his side.

#FauxNeutrality #resist #FightFascism

"In authoritarian societies freedom is only as deep as an offended person's skin is thick."

A surprisingly quotable comment I made on some other social network as a criticism of #blasphemy laws.

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Changed my profile picture across the board to show my strong support for the STAY campaign in the UK's EU membership referendum.
As a Brit living in NL I have benefitted from the rights afforded me as an EU citizen and I find it thoroughly appalling that I will have absolutely no involvement in the decision to strip these rights away.
Democracy, eh.
#brexit   #eustay   #EUReferendum #VoteStay  

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"In 1880, the age of consent was set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7."
Whenever I hear the usual reactionary bigotry about "Aisha's age" from christian anti-muslims, and also some of the less careful members of the skeptic community who watch a little too much Fox News, I know that they are totally fucking ignorant of the historical fact that the age of consent in western Christian societies of around 17(ish) is a 20th Century change and not something that happened way back in the Middle Ages.
The societal impact of industrialisation and secularism in the 19th Century lead to a far more humane treatment of women in western societies, they even ceased to be considered the property of their fathers or spouses, well, for the most part, much to the overt chagrin of the christian churches who strongly opposed such liberalisation with the same vitriolic fervour, and using the self-same religious arguments, as they have used against marriage equality.
The singular fact that these self-same christian denominations no longer justify the age of consent based upon the age of Mary when she bore Jesus, she was considered 12, and how they now vehemently condemn such impropriety shows that there IS hope of reformation in Islamic countries. 
They just need some form of secularising force that does not get stomped on before such a societal change can occur.
Oh, and if this does happen, and I really truly hope it does, then you can bet dollars-to-doughnuts that, just like christians, muslims will exhibit a form of cultural amnesia, claiming ahistorically that such impropriety happened "centuries ago".
#hope    #religion   #change   #secularism  

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The BBC proving their liberal bias by justifying their use of the formerly neutral word 'migrant'./s
However, the word has seen such excessive use in the media recently that I feel it has completely lost its neutrality. It has charted the same downward path towards bigotry as the Dutch word 'allochtoon'. 
Originally allochtoon meant 'a person whose native language, or the language they use in their home, is not Dutch'. Now it is simply used to mean 'brown people'. People who have Dutch passports, speak Dutch natively, whose family have been in the Netherlands for generations, are still called 'allochtoon', because they are 'brown people'. Whereas I, a genuine allochtoon, confuses a lot of Dutch, simply because I am white.
As the word migrant has been used so much, and also become a derogatory label used by the extreme right, UKIP, etc, it has ceased its neutrality and become a burden to the conversation on migration within the EU.
These people are refugees. They are seeking refuge from persecution and death. They are fleeing for their lives. Primarily from the Islamic State and its network of brutal allies, but also from African Christian extremists and Asian Buddhist extremists. They naturally seek refuge in places that are far more stable and relatively easy to get to, like the EU.
I am a migrant, economic or social take your pick, and so genuinely represent the demographic that the vile anti-migrant rhetoric is ostensibly directed towards, and I do take it personally, even though what is actually behind the rhetoric is simple old-school european racism. 
Very few of the anti-migrant politicians and talking-heads in Europe would ever call me migrant, in just the way that a lot of Dutch find it difficult to call me 'allochtoon'. 
They will instead use the word 'expat', simply because I am both western and white. [And then go blue in the face denying that their rhetoric has anything at all to do with race.]
#sapirwhorf   #racism   #immigration #migrant

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Every time you see a news headline with the word "muslim" or the word "immigrant" have a go at replacing it with the word "jew"
How does that headline make you feel now? 
I have used this 'trick' for years to understand my own thinking about subjects. ['Dutch are all commerce obsessed and isolationists', 'Jews are all ....'
Using it against media headlines helps show how the news subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, directs our opinions on a subject simply by their choice of words.
Is it really a 'migrant crisis' or is it really a 'refugee crisis'
And why choose one word above the other?
And it does not really matter if you agree or disagree with the headlines. Just reading them internalises what they are saying, the emphasis and words they choose to use, and any subtext it may have, intentional or otherwise. 
As a species our survival has been driven by taking often subtle cues from the environment, internalising them, and modifying our behaviour to suit the perceived situation. This happens without us even being consciously aware.
Someone recently said to me, "do not believe what you claim to 'know'", I like to say that "I do not even believe what I believe!"
#news #manipulation #humans

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So... like Google Wave? 
The very tech journos that derided, and essentially killed, Google Wave are now calling for a solution to the very problem that Wave solved far more elegantly and democratically than WeChat or Facebook Messenger ever could. The main issue with these new one-stop-shop messaging apps/services is that, unlike SMS and Email, they are controlled in their entirety by a single company. 
Which leads to a lack of transparency, competition and individual freedom. Your ISP or mobile carrier cannot censor your use of these antiquated technologies, because they are universal, but Facebook and Weibo can easily do so as the tech is totally owned by them. 
Google Wave overcame this concern by making its underlying tech a federated protocol. Anyone could send waves, and any company could run the service. Just like email. And as it was extensible, so bolting on other wave types, like commerce, was a matter of simply agreeing upon a common standard. 
Wave failed, and these tech journos danced on its grave. Perhaps if they had the foresight and vision to support it we would still have a million messaging apps, but they would all be able communicate with each other.
#techjournalism #googlewave #reinventthewheel 

Had a little breather on Friday/Sat (mostly thanks to all the 13+ hour days I have put in over the last few weeks).
But now it is project crunch time, and so I go completely AFK again. #clientdeliverable   #mylifeintech   #afk   #worklifebalance  

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Pushed it but nothing happened. Guess I forgot a prerequisite. #rpg #life #amsterdam
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