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Ever get that sinking feeling?

(This rather jaw dropping photo from ‘HolyPop’ on Pinterest.)

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(Team +Perfecto Records)

Paul Oakenfold making his return to Lush! for their 16th Birthday went down an absolute storm!

Watch the tour video here:

Music from Senadee and Kenneth Thomas.

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Here's another image from my "on-black" series. This time a yellow columbine.

#CWLPhotographyTip - This image was taken at the local botanical garden; that is, the image was taken without cutting or removing the flower from it's place in the garden. To accomplish this type of image while outdoors, I carry a piece of black satin cloth measuring 80cm x 150cm (approx 2' x 3' ). I also carry a set of small, spring loaded "A-clamps".

Sometimes I place the cloth on the ground behind the plant or I'll clip the cloth to a nearby plant. If nothing is handy, I'll look for a stick or two and make a temporary "X" frame for the cloth or, if I have one, I'll use my walking stick.

Occasionally, if I know I'm going to be doing a group of flowers, I'll add a small, black umbrella to the kit. Most of the time we photographers like to shoot with the sun to our backs or off to the side. With the sun to our back, we can use the umbrella to cast the cloth into a dark shadow without casting the plant into shadow. The darker the black of the backdrop, the easier it will be to completely isolated the plant.

Once the background is in place and has been put into a dark shadow, if possible, I'll take a series of images at different f-stops and shutter speeds. When I process the images I'll load them into Lightroom first, then I'll load the selects into Photoshop; where I can completely remove the background and replace it with a true black. The darker the original black, the easier it is to get a nice, clean, crisp, "on-black".

Note: Why black satin ? The black satin isn't the best backdrop and I don't use it in the studio. In the studio I use polartec. The satin is very, very compact, and it weighs next to nothing.

Note: The black satin cloth can also be used on a bright day to drape over you and the camera so that you can get a good, clear view of the LCD screen. It slides off the camera a bit too easily so I need to think of a solution to that, but, as log as there's no wind, it works pretty well.

I hope you find the tip usefully. I think I'll try to provide tips on a regular basis going forward. If you every want to know how I did something, just ask and I'll see about doing a #CWLPhotographyTip on it. Until next time, cheers

#plusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek

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McLaren is preparing for a greener future

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At the edge of winter sits the reflection of spring.

Trees lifted from their slumber by weightless blossoms make their way out of the twilight of winter’s last icy gasps.

It’s quite incredible how many trees are already in full spring bloom already. Usually the trees aren’t this far along with their blossoms until the middle of April or even the beginning of May. This particular photo which I took yesterday is of a favorite spring spot of mine in Central Park. It conjures up fairytale narratives and fills my heart with hope.

The blossoms on these trees are so gorgeous when they first bloom. When the wind blows little white and pink petals shed from their blossoms swirling in the air before falling to the ground, a phenomenon I like to refer to as spring snow. :)

New York Photography: Spring trees, Central Park.


You can view this post along with information about prints of this image if you wish at my site here:


Tags: #photography #newyorkcity #nyc #centralpark #spring #springtime #trees #landscape #springnyc #centralparkspring #magical

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Swimming with Sailfish video: the sword of one of the Sailfish came to less than a centimetre from my face!
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