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Gamer, Husband, Community Manager.
Gamer, Husband, Community Manager.

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Alrighty. No vague posting. My dad's been gone for a year now and I miss him. I think he would have been excited about our new place and happy with how our lives are going. I get pretty bogged down in the bad feels when they hit, so I'm really happy to have, and lucky to have, such great friends and family in my life to make focusing on the good and fun times easier.

In short, (not surprisingly) still sad a year after my dad's passing. Glad that the rest of the family I have, both born into and chosen, are there to pick up the slack. Oh, and here's a crazy pic of my dad in Hawaii from before I can remember anything.

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It's dangerous to go to a live stream alone. Take this!
Watch in awe and amusement as Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, and Morgan Webb of Acquisitions Inc., wade once more into almost certain doom, courtesy of Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Chris Perkins.

Watch from the comfort of your own home by joining us in the live stream!

Or if you want to watch from a mobile device, just open up the twitch app and look for PAX under the people dropdown. 

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It's that time. Time for the PAX live D&D game with the Acquisitions Inc crew! This year it's bigger than ever, but we can only put so many butts in the seats, and I have no doubt Benaroya Hall will be filled. Fret not! We're streaming live, so all my wonderful friends, near and far, can partake in the awesomness.

So join me in watching on Saturday, August 30th at 8 PM PDT! Follow the link below to catch the live stream, or load up the twitch app on your mobile device and search for "PAX" within the people tab. Let's make this the most viewed live D&D game ever!

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All the D&D plans and details for PAX Prime 2014.

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If you needed more reasons to love Patton Oswalt...
Retweeted Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt):
Me, holding the PLAYER'S MANUAL, in my 6th grade D&D club photo. YOU'RE WELCOME, LADIES.

So apparently if you're an iphone user and you've been trying to text me in the past week or so, there's a good chance I haven't gotten your message. It's probably the generic sms/imessage thing that some iphone users are getting, but I'm looking into it. For now, if you're one of those people, please email me, phone me or drop a message here if you need me.

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Awwww yeah! I know all you people who picked up PS4s or Xbox Ones for the holidays are all jelly now!

But yeah, I'm seriously stoked about this! All of my DS owning friends out there should send me their friend codes in a private message or email. We can do stuff like share our pokemons, or you can tell me how cool I am when get the triforce all figured out.

That's right, I'm a grown ass man and I'm talking about pokemon. You should not be surprised.

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And that is all the D&D I have in me today! Thanks again for all the donations and support for our Extralife D&D action this weekend. I'll be putting up a video thank you soon, but for now, the team is continuing on! So if you want to watch some D&D, chat with us and help out some kids, check out the stream and donate to one of the other players or the DM!

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Our live D&D game for Extra Life is up and running. I won't be joining in the game until 4 PM Pacific, but you have to come by and watch these awesome people play!. Also, I'm in the background doing all the background things.

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It's for the kids, my dad, and the holidays.

As many of you know, my dad passed away recently and I was having a pretty hard time with it. Some people have asked how they could help or what they could do, and I've finally figured it out.

My dad was born the last of 10 kids, the only one to be born in a hospital, and was plagued with health issues all his life. I can't bring my dad back, and I don't feel I can champion the fight against any one thing that ailed him. And while it's horrible to lose a parent, it must be even worse to lose a child. So instead I'm going to champion the cures and care for sick children. I KNOW my dad would be tickled to see me and hopefully you supporting hospital care for sick kids.

So what am I doing? This year I'm part of a team working for Extra Life charity, and I'm raising money for the Seattle Children's Hospital. Yes, we're playing D&D and helping sick kids at the same time. What can you do? Well, donate to my cause!

But that would be too simple, and the holidays are upon us, and I do have this wealth of gaming stuff around me, so let's put it to good use. I've got some special rewards listed below for anybody who donates to my page any time in the next 24 hours. So help the kids, honor my dad and get some cool stuff all in one!

Donation - Any Amount!
Anybody who donates within the next 24 hours will receive one of the promo cards that I have collected over the years. You will get this promo card in addition to whatever donation reward if you donate at a higher level.

Donation - $25
Everybody who donates at the $25 level gets an unopened box of Dungeon Command. Either Curse of Undeath, Blood of Gruumsh, Sting of Lolth or Tyranny of Goblins.

Donation - $50
If you donate at the $50 I'll send you either a Beholder Gift Set or one of the special Holiday Magic cards I've collected over the year. We'll start with Evil Presents, and once I run out of those, we'll move on to other selections.

Donations - $100
I have several unopened booster displays of Magic going back to sets made throughout the last 5-6 years. If you donate at the $100 level, I'll send one to you.

Donations - $150 (4 only)
I have one each of the Christmas miniatures that wizard's has given to employees and Partners (Included in the picture below). If you donate at this level I'll send you one determined randomly.

Donations - $200 (2 only)
I have a couple From the Vault: ???? which I am holding on to for those people who donate at the $200 level or higher. Yes, I'm keeping it a secret, no you won't be disappointed!

So there you have it. I'd like to see if we can at least double my current donations (a not too shabby $600) by this time tomorrow. So please donate and spread the word. And hey, if you don't want to donate for whatever reason, please try to positively affect the life of a sick kid somehow!
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