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Uber's Greyball program did nothing wrong.
I recently posted the below opinion on Reddit's "Change My View" subreddit, which is a place for people to debate controversial opinions they have.  It got over 100 responses, so you can read the ensuing conversation here.   I don't have time to copy and pa...

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Jesus thinks Nicholas Kristof is full of crap
esteemed New York Times newspaper has an esteemed Op-Ed columnist named
Nicholas Kristof, with whom I’ve
occasionally agreed.   In the wake of the latest healthcare battle,
he wrote a satirical article imagining a conversation between Paul Ryan and

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Ten libertarian ideas to make healthcare affordable
do we increase access to healthcare?   We
make it more affordable.   How do we make
it more affordable?   The short answer is,
the same way you make anything cheaper: increase the supply, and decrease the
demand.   H ere’s the long answer… How to increa...

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The Philosophical Premise of Market-Oriented Healthcare Reform
What is the goal of
market-based healthcare reform? Any honest reform proposal should specify its objective in terms specific enough that its success can be
empirically evaluated moving forward.   This, in turn, requires an operating theory
of what the prob...

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Healing Healthcare – A Two-Part Mini-Series
The United States healthcare system is badly broken.   Almost everyone can see this, but hardly
anyone can agree on how to fix it. This is not for want of trying.   The past 50 years have seen a litany of
attempted reforms, from Medicare and Medicaid in the...

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The Equal Rights Ammendment is a good idea that won’t change much
I support the recently re-initiated Equal RightsAmendment and I’m happy it has momentum again, but we shouldn’t get our hopes
up thinking it’s more of a game-changer than it really is.   Even if the deadline could be retroactively nullified and enough state...

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Debate with a Utilitarian, revived!
Back in January I posted the transcript of a lengthy debate I had with an "authoritarian utilitarian" I called Sean.  The debate died down after a few weeks, but this week he reanimated it.  We left off here , and his eventual response is below: Sean: I'm

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What is the relationship between leader confidence, leader competence, and gender?
I recently came across an article
titled “ Why Do So Many
Incompetent Men Become Leaders ?” from the Harvard Business Review.   It’s worth a read, and I won’t fully summarize it here, but the author
essentially answers his titular question with "because the...

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There’s such a cowardice in euphemisms
This isn’t a very long or substantive post.   It won’t make any new arguments, and it won’t
refute arguments made by anyone else.   I’m
just writing to call attention to something which angers me, in the hopes the
reader will start to notice it too:     jus...

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Betsy DeVos, the Department of Education, and the Constitution
Some weeks ago my friends were lamenting the slew of bills
introduced by the new Republican Congress. Dakota: Have you heard about the bill to get rid of the department of
Education yet? Alexis: THE. WHAT. Carey: I'm totally
being nosy but whatever. Lol but...
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