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John Butler
Co-Founder, CTO, IT Energy. Cloud/Mobile/Tech/Photo's/Business interest
Co-Founder, CTO, IT Energy. Cloud/Mobile/Tech/Photo's/Business interest

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Need a loan sir? Sure, have one with an interest rate of 68,300%

This is seriously screwed up. The credit crunch is hitting lots of people hard, but the poorest people in the UK economy are quite legally being offered loans with interest rates that are obscene by any measure, and getting away with it..

I don't normally post this sort of thing, but doing so in the hope it may annoy others too.. I'm all for capitalism but this isn't ..capitalism.. it's a further sign of how wrong things are with the system.

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Time for me to change providers methinks...This explains why I received a spam text recently from a company whose website I'd visited on my iPAD. At the time I remember wondering idly whether I'd filled in something...but I hadn't...
Uh-oh. O2 UK is sending your phone number to Web sites you visit when using its network to browse?
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