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Twistn Wordz
A struggling poet aiming to be a perfectionist in the craft and art
A struggling poet aiming to be a perfectionist in the craft and art


Her love is broken in pieces
and even if you put this puzzle back together again
There will be still be something missing
Incomplete is completeness for her love
antidotes of hurt is several drinks away
Mending and moving on
is one too many sex partners tainted
And she fakes the perfect picture
from caked on foundation
And trust me
When you're hurt
Mac products can't place a perfect smile-
on a mascara runs and smeared frowns
Several "X's" across her Calendar
but O, she will never connect four
See, she is to busy, trying to reconnect to two
Where no signals have crossed lines disconnected
Even with stench of pass failures between her thighs
It doesn't cover up the fragrance of hope in her sheets
Trying to explain their senseless explanations from the un-explainable,
Why pain fathers her dreams
With motherly intentions of cuddling a grown man
She place whats salvageable in heart broken-ness
Places in a Matrix box
and Shakes until she "SHUFFLE" her scrambled life
back into one piece again....... ~TNW~

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A worker in progress progressing to work hard to be an artist without acknowledgment giving more title's in names then my birth rights copy written- by my writes in the government A former serviceman For my country,  I almost died for but come home as veter...

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Tuesday, April 18th in downtown Silver Spring. Come check it out. Oh, the mic is open, are you???

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Next Sunday September 25th, we celebrate a monumental moment for one our very own SweetSugarCane for her book release event. AS you can see, she selected the areas talented and most inspiring host/artist in the DMV. With your host for the evening E-Baby Poems, you know it will be funny and entertaining event. There will be refreshments music and YES, live entertainment. Click the flyer for details. We don't hope to see you there, we know you are going to be there.

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For years I've been Stepping with weight Scared to take a leap of faith In fear that every leap- will end as my fate That me chasing dreams on false baits Was truth hidden under deep hates? There’s no debate Collecting my blessings while passing the plate I...

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LeRoy Twist Goetzendanner
June 21 at 10:21am ·
So after almost hosting for 10 years, (yeah, actually 10+), I'm stepping down from the hosting position. It took me some days to figure this out and how to commit to letting go, but it had to be done. It was a great travel. Meeting new people, helping those grow and sharing myself with the DMV. My love and passion for poetry will never die.(Insperable relationship with no divorce) Even as I type this, I know I'll wake up in denial to leave while my heart and soul is wanting me to stay. My biggest influences and inspiration during this travel was the Poetry GOD first. For those who kept me float when times I was sinking, THANK YOU KINDLY!!! I love how artist have taken the arts and flipped it into running their own shows. When you speak words, remember Wordz. SWPT will still and continue to grow and function. Progressing to something bigger and better. I realize, I helped so many along the way, that I only saw happiness in the help then me pushing myself to better and succeed. I breathe poetry and
I bleed it!!!!
As long as there's a torch in me
I'll continue to run with it.
Please, (NO INBOX'S), this is a decision of happening with no explanation needed!!!
Thank you again and much love to all the upcoming artist and host. Put your all in it because some of yourself will not win!
"Even the sweetest things can still taste bitter"
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