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Believe it or not finding appropriate replacement donut exhaust gaskets for an 80s-era International school bus is kind of difficult.

Anyone know if MacBook Pro's have a lower voltage output on the USB ports than other computers? I tried charging my phone via MBP and after 5 hours it was still almost empty. Plugged it into my Lenovo and an hour later it's almost full.

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And this is why you don't leave a pressure cooker unattended.

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G+, if we're going to make this relationship work out, you're going to either have to fix your headline detection and blurb creation system OR let me edit them myself. The below link is completely unacceptable.

You think this might be the first macbook pro to smell like gasoline?

This G+ thing will only work out if everyone starts posting inane and narcissistic commentary on their daily lives, along with the occasional acidic political statement, insightful educational piece and of course, pet pictures. I am not sufficiently entertained.

Just discovered the fast idle adjustment screw on the Lincoln's new carburetor is inaccessible when the carb is bolted onto the intake manifold. I realize it keeps people from accidentally messing with it, but not cool Holley, not cool.

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Buy it now price is $45,000. Ultimate crack pipe?

I understand an old lady in a neighboring town attempted to separate her two dogs while they were fighting. In doing so she pissed off her American Bulldog, which turned on her and snapped her arm off below the elbow. Off. O-F-F. Yeesh. Maybe I shouldn't put balloons on my dog.

Much to my horror, I've awoken in the midst of an online spending frenzy. Apparently I've been putting off a lot of project purchases until Thunderdrome was over.
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