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I'm often unsure what to describe my job as, but having read this article, via +David Buckthorpe, I think I'm going to call myself a UX Developer from now on. It seems like a better fit than anything else I've considered. Wonder if I can get my job title changed...
I have this conversation just about every time I meet someone. I can't say I really blame the person on the other end, though; my job title is sort of an ambiguous and buzz-wordy. I often opt to t...
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The X standing for "Experience" pisses me off. It's a bad experience right there. :-)
I don't think any technology sector has had as much soul searching and hand-wringing about what it should be called than UXers. The struggle continues...

I may be getting old but I remember when UX was known, in the "old tongue" as HCI or even CHI design. Back when Randy Smith was a long forgotten Elder God. When Ted Nelson and Don Norman were youthful and visionary.

This era is often known as P.E ( Post Englebart ).

I witnessed the artsy "User Interface Design" territories taken over by Librarian-lead "Information Architects" in the great User Centred War of 1999. I remember how people lost their lives to the "Findability Is Not An Attribute" war with an idiot called Derek. Semantic weapons are in use and are still dangerous today.

Have we not learned, it's not what you're called that matters, it's how much influence you have on what gets done. The world won't be a safe place to live until each self-declared UXD is proclaimed KING OF ALL and everyone bows down accordingly. We all know that.

Now, how do we weed out the deluded one?
I fought, valiantly, in the old days, tooth and nail to persuade team members to design "Example Users" until eventually I became Persona non grata.

That's very nearly a UX joke.
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