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Ideally from climate action and other perspectives, there's a jump to the next level in 2020.

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"Ron addresses the essence of achieving quality. You have to start at the beginning, with not just a process, but an attitude. As in most things, the proper attitude, commitment, and desire to keep it simple lead to exceptional results. This is true not only of the software this book will help you build, but the book itself."—Dan Pritchett, AddSimplicity.Com, Director of Engineering at Google ( quote can be found within my LinkedIn profile, see Publications, Inherent Quality Simplicity, ). Thanks again Dan. Kind regards, Ron

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My reason for signing... Believe world peace is key to many improvements (climate action, all MDGs in fact and more). All can sign (only takes a few seconds). 

Let us remember... 55/2. United Nations Millennium Declaration ( here's hoping all related goals and more are achieved, in fact ideally surpassed, with progress ahead of schedule and beyond targets )

Of possible interest on route to 2020 may be a quality representing multiple qualities, possible example Virtuous [ e.g., and ]; or perhaps a quality represented by a compound expression, possible example - Virtuous Visionary. God willing, by perfect vision leap year 2020, many significant (important/key) inherent qualities will exist, be generated and grow (intrinsically and pervasively). Taking no credit, I applaud the work of many who are evolving quality. Ideally by 2020 there will be significant progress from climate change and many quality perspectives thanks to the UN and many individuals and organizations. Thank you for all you do to help make quality increasingly intrinsic and pervasive. God Bless, all, always. Peace, all, always.

Want to make IT simple & have greater inherent quality simplicity? Contact me & together we can identify continual improvement opportunities. [As example... Imagine finding anomalies, repeatedly wasting time checking to see if fully corrected & reporting no; not fun to me. Do it if it is for you. Developers should be responsible & accountable to test, automate & ensure the quality of their work & related traceability to requirements. When determining requirements with your customers, factor in requirements that are system quality attributes. Here is a sample list ]

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