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In West Hartford and still no power. Unfortunately they got the power up in the area but missed 1 line down and it only effects 4 houses. 
Hartford Courant said last night all ui customers were fully restored. I don't understand why it's taking them so long to get power back and handle repairs. Even @ my mother's in hartford west end, they're only just now coming to move the tree that fell and is lying across the entire street, blocking traffic and downing power wires.

I would totally demand your legislative and elected officials investigate and hold these utility companies accountable for their (in)actions.
Still in the dark but at least we got a visit from a person claiming to be from cl&p said they couldn't find us , we are the 40 houses in the dark surrounded by all the light up houses. Funny the bill always finds us.
+wesley willard, the utility bill is delivered by your postal carrier, or the Internet. Perhaps they should have consulted with your postal carrier to find you, though... ;-p
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